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Videocraft is different.

We have been designing and building studio and production systems for all facets of the broadcast and production industries for over 30 years. What’s so different about that? It’s our approach and the people we employ, many of whom have been with us from the very beginning. We have a passion for solving problems and providing innovative systems integration solutions. We are more than box sellers and our repeat customers are testament to that.

At Videocraft, whether you want to rent or buy the latest equipment, develop a workflow solution, build an integrated system or access over 30 years of industry knowledge and experience, you get the comfort of knowing its all part of the package. Our team of professionals are here to advise you about the options available and tailor a solution within your budget to meet your needs.

customers and projects

  • Television studios
  • Sporting events
  • Production companies
  • Post production companies
  • Universities and education facilities
  • Houses-of-Worship
  • Corporations large and small
  • Editing systems large and small
  • Government departments

don’t just take our word for it…

New File-Based Studio for AFL Media

Videocraft AFL 2a“It was critical that we built a facility than could handle not only a high volume of content but be flexible enough to cope with the future demands of the business. Videocraft installed a 128×128 Ross NK3G128 router and used a combination of Ross and Blackmagic open gear distribution and glue which all went into open gear frames for maximum efficiency. Once this was live we had our heartbeat. It was a carefully planned installation done in precise stages. Building the studio and EVS network came first. Using 6-channel EVS XS and 8-channel EVS XT3 servers for ingest and logging was the biggest change to the AFL’s existing workflow. Videocraft also installed an EVS IP Director to control all the ingest, logging and playout which meant that we had completely migrated from a bespoke logging system to EVS. This represented a significant, forward thinking and future proof move of our data feeds and metadata that now means our solution is scalable and integrated. The final piece in the EVS puzzle was the use of the EVS Clean Edit System which allows the sharing of media by users across the EVS network using EVS XStore NAS, enabling fast turnaround highlights editing.”

Greg Miles – Executive Producer  AFL Media


 HD Broadcast Facilities for C3 Church

C3 Presence Conference Master Control Room

“We were very impressed with Videocraft’s solution and the lateral thinking behind the design. The fact that we now have the flexibility of a studio camera that can also do field production in a universally accepted broadcast HD format is a big plus. It was also very cost effective with alternative solutions from other suppliers being quoted at nearly three times Videocraft’s price. We really are delighted with Videocraft’s design and installation. It’s clever, great value for money and the picture quality we now achieve is far superior to what we had before.”

Simon Ashby – C3 Church’s Technical Director


Oprah’s tour of Australia

oprah_tourofaustralia“Everyone at Harpo was amazed and delighted with what Videocraft did for us on the Oprah Tour of Australia. The central equipment room they built was awesome and the level of equipment they provided along with their service was second to none. We discovered early in the project that they were the best company in Australia who could put this kind of system together and it became very clear why over the course of our time in Sydney. The installation was 100% on time and the entire Videocraft team were incredibly professional, flexible and nothing was ever too much trouble. They gave us everything we needed with a smile and a kind word – even when we switched from XDCAM to HDCAM one week before the shows were to be recorded. I really cannot thank the entire Videocraft team enough for what was a seamless and perfectly executed project.”

Radi Akel – Harpo General Manager






Coldplay For Southern Cross Austereo Live Streaming Gig

coldplay“We had five streams of HD video from five Sony HDC-1500 cameras plus a programme stream that had to be captured onto the EVS XS server, then pushed off via an EVS IP Director onto our on-site Avid Media Composer system in record time; and I’m delighted to say that it was. At the end of a 40-minute set we had all 6 streams in full HD on our storage system ready to edit within moments. It was a very successful and very efficient production thanks to Videocraft and the EVS. Let’s be honest, it’s Coldplay so the gig had to be first class and I’m happy to say it was. Videocraft really do excel at this type of production and nothing is too hard or too much trouble. They are efficient and great to work with but I do have to say that in this instance their turnaround time to edit was so good and so fast that it really warrants another special mention all to itself.”

Craig Borg Production Manager SCA Vision


Full studio build for Ambience Entertainment

Videocraft Pyramid6“We turned to Videocraft to custom build us an entire studio because we can trust them. I told them I needed them to provide a miracle in three weeks and they did it. The team were as professional as ever and even during installation and commissioning the production was able to continue unhindered not missing a beat. Videocraft never try to mislead or hard sell us on anything, they are honest and always provide the best advice – not to mention always work within our budgets too. With this studio our aim is to continue to produce high quality programmes for local and international broadcasters for the foreseeable future. Their expertise and integrity is unquestionable and invaluable.”

Monica O’Brien – Supervising Producer Ambience Entertainment

Full Production Facility for Hillsong Church

IMG_3691a“Our requirements were that the system must be full HD, facilitate multiple studio cameras, three projection screens, complex keying and layering of lyrics and video content  in a facility that needed to be capable of a broadcast TV record for our television programme Hillsong Television. The system had to be cost effective but extremely reliable, easy for volunteers to use on a weekly basis and versatile enough to accommodate for future changes that will happen within the campus. Videocraft worked closely with us to find really good solutions to achieve a great result. They looked at all options, pros and cons of equipment, took the time to understand our workflow and a great attitude even through some of the really challenging construction problems of the building. The Videocraft team took total responsibility for the systems integration, equipment selection, system design and diagrams, project management and installation. We have often had people from other parts of the building install project come and admire the cabling work and the neatness of the racks in the Videocraft install. Many of our volunteers comment on the professional look and feel of the control room and how it looks like we are part of a TV broadcast station control room. Videocraft’s willingness to work with us, take our ideas and make them work was a major plus, being totally honest about the real cost of things from the very beginning was excellent. Listening, thinking outside the box and working with tight budgets is classic Videocraft.”

Luke Irvine – TV Technical Manager – Hillsong

Multiple cameras & locations for University studio & OB van

“Videocraft supplied and installed a multi-camera production studio, based around Sony studio cameras, DVS vision switcher, Ross Video routing and glue, FCP Edit suites, multiple display monitors for public areas, plus a 4 camera OB van. The cabling alone was a work of art. The OB van was particularly challenging as it was a short-wheel based Ford Transit van, which was custom fitted out with 5 racks, and cabinets and work surfaces, before cabling with 4 broadcast camera CCU’s, vision switcher comms and audio. Videocraft integrated an HD to IP converter in the van and studio, allowing us to connect the van to the network on any of the Uni’s 7 campuses, and stream live back to the studio, including bi-directional comms, vision and audio. This was a complex project with multiple locations in an existing building, we were so pleased with the great care taken by Videocraft with the cabling to ensure we maximised the limited space while still ensuring serviceability.”

Sue Powell – University of Western Sydney