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Vlogging Day - Our favourite Australian Online Content Creators

In honour of International Vlogging Day (August 10), we thought we would share our favourite independent online content creators, homegrown from Australia. These independent content creators do an amazing job and whilst we are not measuring their success by numbers or stats, we think just think they make great content doing what they love to do. Jazza An Australian YouTuber, artist, animator, and presenter best-known for his art tutorials, challenges and animations with his studio based in our own home state of Victoria. As of June 2020, his channel has over 915 million total video views and 5.1 million subscribers. We like his original content that pushes the artistic boundaries with great tutorials so everyone can find their own artistic abilities. Great job Jazza! Instagram: @drawwithjazzaBrooke Saward - World of Wanderlust Brooke is a Tasmanian travel blogger behind the World of Wanderlust blog, Brooke Saward started an accompanying YouTube channel over a decade ago, and hasn’t looked back. 70,000 subscribers enjoy her adventures, which focus on solo female travel – specifically how to do it safely and with the maximum amount of fun! If you wondering how Brooke got started she has a great page on her blog about some great resources if want to be a travel writer blogging or vlogging around the world. Brooke visits every corner of the earth and shows us the beauty in exploring the world. Instagram @worldwanderlustBenn TK We only just discovered Benn TK through his work with Sony Australia and the Sony A7SIII adventure film he shot for the launch - his travel vlogs are very creative and definitely worth a look for their creativity. Instagram: @benn_tk   Starting your own vlog or youtube channel, creating your own online content and you need the video gear to shoot some amazing stuff as the Australian online content creators we featured here, why not check out our vlogging kits page as a great way to get your vlog started. Alternatively, get in touch with one of our team if you need some help with working out what works best for your content ideas.

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Videocraft supports Driving Oz with the Black Dog

Videocraft is proud to announce its platinum sponsorship of Driving Oz with the Black Dog — an incredibly important year-long campaign to raise money and awareness for Lifeline Australia and mindDog. We have been incredibly lucky to be able to collaborate with our industry partners Sony Australia and Avid Technology to be able to put together a video and photography production package to help Paul and Kirstine and their family document their travels to the remote areas of Australia, raising awareness of these two important organisations.

In deciding to support Driving Oz with the Black Dog, Videocraft's Managing Director, Jeanette Taylor says it was a straightforward decision. "For the team at Videocraft, we can all relate to the Roadley's mission of awareness and the importance of supporting services such as Lifeline Australia and mindDog. Within the production and broadcast industry, we have all seen how the stress of the job can take over, and some of us have had experiences with anxiety or depression. It is important for our industry to have the conversation and be open to help our colleagues through these times." So we have geared up Driving Oz with some key products that will assist them in spreading their message further while travelling around the remote parts of our country. As you can imagine space is limited, so we have put together a specific documentary and photography kit that will allow Paul to not only capture the action of travelling around our beautiful country, but also to gather interviews from the field, record events on the tour and capture the key moments to help build the campaign for their very relevant and important messages.      

So what's in the Driving Oz's case of production gear?

With the assistance of David Green, from Sony Australia's Professional Solutions Division, we were able to come up with a kit specifically chosen to work well in the varied climates and locations the Driving OZ team will travel throughout the year. As well as provide tools that can capture the footage and audio at professional broadcast quality. David and the team at Sony went above and beyond to support the Driving Oz with the Black Dog and to support both Lifeline Australia and mindDog. The Driving Oz production kit includes a Sony PXW-X70 Camcorder, Sony A7II Digital Mirrorless Camera, some 4K Sony Action Cams plus a Sony Digital UWP Wireless Microphone package, Sony Monitoring Headphones, Manfrotto Rolling Travel Case and a copy of the industry's best editing software Avid's Media Composer for post production. The package offers them the best in image and sound acquisition in an unbelievably lightweight and compact size — perfect for the Tetris-style packing required for a family to fit their lives into camper/trailer and car for the next year.   We will be staying up to date with the Roadley family on their adventures and encouraging our network of industry friends to helps us to help them in raising awareness and funds for this important cause. So please share their story, donate to their MyCause page and keep the conversation open around your workplace, community, friends and family.

Why do we need to help Lifeline Australia and MindDog?

Suicide remains the leading cause of death for Australians aged between 15 and 44. The overall suicide rate in 2014 was 12.0 per 100,000 in Australia. This is the highest rate in 10 years. The most recent Australian data (ABS, Causes of Death, 2014) reports deaths due to suicide in 2014 at 2,864. This equates to almost eight deaths by suicide in Australia each day. Most deaths by suicide in Australia are males, accounting for about three-quarters. However, during the past decade, there has been an increase in suicide deaths by females. The suicide rate amongst Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples is more than double the national rate. In 2014, suicide accounted for 5.2% of all Indigenous deaths compared to 1.8% for non-Indigenous people. For every death by suicide, it is estimated that as many as 30 people attempt to end their lives. That is approximately 65,300 suicide attempts each year. Lifeline is a national charity providing all Australians experiencing a personal crisis with access to 24 hour crisis support and suicide prevention services. Somewhere in Australia there is a new call to Lifeline every minute.   mindDog Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that exists to help people procure, train and accredit psychiatric assistance dogs. A mindDog comes in many shapes and sizes, and may look different to other assistance dogs experienced by the public previously. Clients of mindDog are supported to find a suitable dog, train and eventually pass a public access test. Just like other assistance dogs, mindDogs are required access to public spaces in order to fulfill their duties. MEET LUNA Luna is Paul’s Mental Health Assistance Dog, MHAD (also known as a Service Dog). Luna is trained through mindDog Australia. Luna has saved Paul’s life by being there when he is really struggling. Luna senses Paul’s emotional/stress levels and responds when required, without being given a single verbal command. To read more about Luna - read her page on the Driving Oz with the Black Dog website   We also celebrated Kirstine's birthday with the Videocraft Melbourne team, so there was chocolate cake all around!

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Best Student Film Winner - The Righteous - Lights Canberra Action 2017

A piece of Hollywood returned to Canberra with the 16th year of Lights! Canberra! Action! film making festival. Filmmakers are given a list of ten items to include in their movie, with only ten days to shoot, edit and produce a seven minute film exploring a certain theme. The screening of the top twelve finalists took place outdoors in the Senate Rose Gardens at the Museum of Australian Democracy, with the awards winners announced immediately after the screening. Videocraft were proud to support the Best Student Film Award which was won by William He and Henri Scott for their film The Righteous - Something's wrong in the City of Right, and it's been left to a detective to uncover the truth. The film took out a number of awards on the night - Congratulations to William and Henri. EoR Media Award for Best Art Direction - William He Most Memorable Performance - Henri Scott Best Use of Theme - William He, Henri Scott Videocraft Award for Best Student Film - William He, Henri Scott  

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Videocraft Supports Local Film Community in Dandenong

Videocraft were excited to support the City of Greater Dandenong with the inaugural Short Cuts Film Festival, an exciting new community initiative. Celebrating and supporting the development of the dynamic local film industry, the festival presented films by an array of artists. Providing a platform for local community members, emerging artists, and accomplished industry professionals to showcase their talent and share their stories. After being inundated with entries, finalists were selected from amazing range of short films. Films were entered in three categories: Open, Emerging, Student/Community. Videocraft supported each of these three categories with prizes. The finalists were screened at a gala screening at Drum Theatre on 3 June and winners were presented with their prizes. All the finalist films will be available on the big screen in Harmony Square throughout June.

2016 Winners

Winner, Mayoral Prize Thomas Baricevic - Hope City Runner-Up, Mayoral Prize Costas Athamassiou - Who is he? Winner, People’s Choice Prize Thomas Baricevic - Hope City Winner, Emerging Category Sebastian Broadbent - Something to Crow About Winner, Student/community Category Alec Uittenbosch - Girl/Boy Winner, Open Film-maker Category Matt Richards - Rabbit

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Videocraft recognised as a Victorian finalist in the 2015 City Switch Awards

o Lighting - Changed 98% of our lighting to LED lights and we expect a 14187 kWh reduction in energy use for the upcoming year.

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Australian Screen Editors Awards - 2015 ELLIE Nominees

The tenth annual Australian Screen Editors Guild 'Ellie' Awards to be hosted by Julian Morrow will take place on Saturday 5th December 2015 at the Paddington Woollahra RSL in Sydney. Videocraft are proud to be sponsoring the Screen Editors Awards for its fourth consecutive year and wishes all the nominees the best of luck on the night!The nominees for the twelve categories are:Feature FilmDany Cooper ASE, Holding the Man Ben Joss, Is This the Real World Nick Meyers ASE, Paper Planes David Ngo, One Eyed GirlShort FilmAgnes Baginska, Milkmaid Danielle Boesenberg, The Aquarium Christine Cheung, Red Rover Graeme Pereira, SweatDocumentary FeatureAnna Craney, Wide Open Sky Paul Elliott, Uri Mizrahi& Steven Robinson ASE, Putuparri & The Rainmakers Lile Judickas, The Killing Season (The Prime Minister & his Loyal Deputy) Jane Moran, Only The DeadDocumentary Short FormAndrew Cooke and Antoinette Ford, Changing Minds, Ep 2 Wayne Hyett ASE, Uranium Ep 3 Steven Robinson ASE, Sperm Donors Garth Thomas and Anna Craney, Pitch BattleTelevision DramaMark Atkin ASE, Glitch Nicholas Holmes ASE, Redfern Now: Promise Me Nicole La Macchia, Catching Milat Nathan Wild, The Doctor Blake Mysteries, Series 3 Ep 3Television ComedyJulie-Anne DeRuvo, Please Like Me, Series 2 Gabriel Dowrick. Soul Mates, Ep 4 Annabelle Johnson, Upper Middle Bogan Series 2, Ep 7 Que Minh Luu, Maximum ChoppageTelevision FactualRoger Carter, How I Met Your Father Zac Grant, Making Australia Great: The Story of our Longest Boom Alexis Lodge and Paul Watling, Struggle Street Caspar Mazzotti, Life on the Reef, Episode 3Reality TelevisionMatt Cluett, Masterchef Australia Series 7, Ep 14 Andrew Cooke, Go Back to Where You Came From Series 3, Ep 1 Karen Crespo and Robin Crago, Masterchef Australia, Series 7, Ep62 Adam Druce and Tess Jenner, The Bachelor Australia Series 3, Ep 1Television Current AffairsLisa Domrow, Landline: The Big Dry Andy Finn, The Feed: Unattended Death Garth Thomas, Foreign Correspondent: Symphony in Soweto Tim Wilson, Australian Story: Just Call JamalCommercialBernard Garry ASE, Vodafone ‘Piggy Sue’ Marty Gilchrist, 2015 St. Kilda Film Festival ‘Don’t underestimate the Shorts’ Graeme Pereira, ICC Cricket World Cup –‘Greatness is Contagious’ Stewart Reeves, David Whittaker and Peter Barton, QANTAS ‘Coming Home’Music VideoSasha Dylan Bell, ‘That Sugar Song’ Brad Hurt, SBCR aka The Bloody Beetroots - ‘The Grid’ Bryan Mason, Mio – ‘Back to You’ Jessica Mutascio, We are the Brave – ‘Your Ghost’Open ContentDavid Banbury , The Lost Tools of Henry Hoke Graeme Pereira, Mr Black “Summer” David Scarborough, Wastelander Panda: Exile Ep 5 Scott Walmsley, The Victims Guide to KidnappingThe 2015 ASE ‘Ellie’ Awards and Accreditation Evening Saturday 5th December 2015 Paddington RSL, 220 Oxford Street, Paddington, NSW For tickets go to:http://www.moshtix.com.au/v2/event/the-ellies-2015-the-australian-screen-editors-guild-awards-accreditation-di/81575For other enquiries please contact:office@screeneditors.com.au  

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Videocraft sponsors ACS Cinekids Program and Awards.

In 2015, Videocraft became the first National sponsor dedicated solely to Australian Cinematographers Society CineKids Program and Awards. Videocraft and the ACS will work closely together to further promote and develop ACS CineKids in order for it to reach a broader group of eligible children, who will benefit from participating as a member of ACS CineKids.

Some of the benefits for ACS CineKids members will be:
~ Prize vouchers for the ACS National CineKids Gold certificate winner presented at the National Awards in 2016 and for the State & Territory Awards Gold certificate winners in each age category ~ A special Videocraft promo pack voucher for every CineKids members when they join ~ Plus support the National ACS in its commitment to mentoring ACS Cinekids events

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Aldi Gojali granted Most Creative Student at SAE Melbourne Graduation

Congratulations to Aldi Gojali who was awarded a Videocraft Study Grant at his graduation from SAE Melbourne last week and was recognised by the academic staff as Most Creative Student. Ian Parish from the Videocraft Melbourne team was there to congratulate and present the study grant to Aldi.    

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Videocraft Sydney facilitates Department of Defence Avid Training

The Videocraft Sydney training facility has been buzzing with editing activity this week. With our guests from Department of Defence who are completing their Media Composer training course. Chris Gospel one of Videocraft's in-house Avid Certified Instructors is leading them through the best techniques and tips to edit, store, colour and share their projects with the latest Avid Media Composer Suite.   Here's Chris driving them through another example of Avid Media Composer features.

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"Dear Jasmine" wins Videocraft Best Student Film Award at LCA2015

Congratulations to the Videocraft Best Student Film Award winner at the LightsCanberraAction! 2015 Filmmaking Festival in Canberra won by Julia Faragher credited as producer, writer and director of the short film "Dear Jasmine". LightsCanberraAction! is a filmmaking festival held annually in Canberra. The entrants have 10 days to prepare their film and must include a number of items in their film to qualify. The 2015 festival theme was "Swings and Roundabouts". For more information about the festival please check out their website by clicking here. Here is the Best Student Film "Dear Jasmine" - Congratulations on a great job to Julia and all the "Dear Jasmine" team.

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Congratulations to the Best Film "Stray" at Deakin University's Visionnaire 2014 Graduate Screening

A collection of Graduate and Honours short films from Deakin University’s Creative Arts (Film and Television) Program, were screened in 4K at the Astor Theatre on Sunday 23rd November. Graduating students Alan Lee, Darcy Tuppen, Tolga Akkurt, Fraser Cameron, Stian Frost Skjellan and James Seery collaborated on the film "Stray" which won the Videocraft "Best Film" Award.  

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Nominees announced for "The Ellie" Australian Screen Editors Awards

The ninth annual ASE 'Ellie' Awards to be hosted by the multi talented actor/director and writer Leah Purcell will take place on Saturday 6th December 2014 at the Paddington RSL in Sydney. All of us at Videocraft would like to congratulate all nominees and particularly those in the Television Factual category proudly sponsored by Videocraft! See you on the night! VIDEOCRAFT AWARD FOR BEST EDITING IN TELEVISION FACTUALMarcos Moro, Taking On the Chocolate Frog – Ep 1Dave Redman, Bondi Vet – Series 5 Ep 22Matthew Walker, Taking On the Chocolate Frog – Ep 3 In addition to the winners of the eleven award categories the Guild will also honour a Lifetime member along with a new Accredited member. Here is a full list of all the nominees: AVID AWARD FOR BEST EDITING IN A FEATURE FILM Martin Connor, The Railway Man Christian Gazal, The Little Death Bryan Mason, 52 Tuesdays Matt Villa ASE, Predestination AUDIO NETWORK AWARD FOR BEST EDITING IN A DOCUMENTARY FEATURE David Banbury, Sons and Mothers Karry De Cinque, Tender Denise Haslem ASE, Once my Mother Bill Russo ASE, Love Marriage in Kabul ADOBE AWARD FOR BEST EDITING IN A DOCUMENTARY PROGRAM Melanie Annan, Cronulla Riots Andrew Arestides ASE, The Vasectomist David Banbury, My Long Neck Bryan Mason, I Want to Dance better at Parties TWO DOGS TV AWARD FOR BEST EDITING IN A DOCUMENTARY SERIES Orly Danon, Outback Coroner – Ep 1 - Witham Caspar Mazzotti, Kakadu – Ep 4 Philippa Rowlands ASE, Redesign my Brain Ep 1 – Make me Smarter David Scarborough, Hannah Gadsbys Oz – Ep 1 BLUE POST AWARD FOR BEST EDITING IN A TELEVISION DRAMA Nicholas Beauman ASE, Carlotta Dany Cooper ASE, Puberty Blues – Season 2 Ep 9 Nicholas Holmes ASE, Redfern Now: Where the Heart Is Ben Joss, Wentworth – Series 2 Ep11 VIDEOCRAFT AWARD FOR BEST EDITING IN TELEVISION FACTUAL Marcos Moro, Taking On the Chocolate Frog – Ep 1 Dave Redman, Bondi Vet – Series 5 Ep 22 Matthew Walker, Taking On the Chocolate Frog – Ep 3 DIGISTOR AWARD FOR BEST EDITING IN A COMMERCIAL Ryan Cauchi, Steadfast – ‘Brisbane Roar’ Marty Gilchrist, Tennis Aus – ‘Get Caught Up – Teddy’ Sue Schweikert ASE, RACQ ‘Rescue Me’ David Whittaker, Schweppes ‘Food Fight’ AUTODESK AWARD FOR BEST EDITING IN A MUSIC VIDEO Danielle Boesenberg, Guineafowl ‘Little Death’ Brad Hurt, Stonefield ‘Love you Deserve’ Simon Harvey Smith, The Amity Afflication ‘Pittsburgh’ Scott Walmsley, Belle Roscoe ‘Let Me Cut in’ SHINE (AUST) AWARD FOR BEST EDITING IN A SHORT FILM Patrick McCabe, Rabbit Adrian Rostirolla, I am Emmanuel Gwendalina Sputore, Godel Incomplete Derryn Watts, The Landing CUTTING EDGE AWARD FOR BEST EDITING IN TELEVISION COMEDY Julie-Anne De Ruvo, Please Like Me – Season 2 – Ep 2 Steven Robinson ASE, It’s a Date – Ep 4 Paul Swain, The Moodys – Ep 1 ASE AWARD FOR BEST EDITING, OPEN CONTENT Melanie Annan, Low Life Peter Barton, Levis ‘A Billion Stories’ Brad Hurt, Flickerfest 2014 Festival & Tour Trailers Jessica Mutascio, Canon The 2014 ASE ‘Ellie’ Awards and Accreditation Evening Saturday 6th December 2014 Paddington RSL, 220 Oxford Street, Paddington, NSW For tickets go to: http://www.moshtix.com.au/v2/event/the-ellies-awards-accreditation-dinner-2014/73919 For other enquiries please contact: office@screeneditors.com.au

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Videocraft assists Week without Words Campaign for St Lucy's School

Due to a family connection at Videocraft Sydney we were asked to help produce a short video to help promote an important fundraising initiative for St Lucy’s School “Week Without Words”. St Lucy's is a Catholic primary school for children with disabilities. St Lucy’s helps each child individually to unlock their unique potential and encourage them to become independent adults. St Lucy’s School combines the latest therapies with academic programs and a focus on the creative arts. Week Without Words raises much needed funds to give St Lucy’s children the tools they need to communicate. Around 95% of the students have a communication disability for reasons like cerebral palsy, developmental dyspraxia and intellectual impairment. Week Without Words raises money for speech therapy and tools like iPads and communication apps that can “speak” for them. Week Without Words is also an awareness campaign designed to spread understanding about the challenge of verbal disabilities. Videocraft asked some industry friends and without hesitation David Lewis ACS and Ryan Somerfield came on board to shoot the spot. And Jacqueline Cosgrove from Bardic Studios agreed to come on board to edit the piece and came out on set and was a huge help in managing the shot schedule and making sure we had as many options available as possible. Videocraft put together two Sony PMW200 camera kits and a small Kino lighting kit. We had to capture scenes in around the school both interior and exterior from the morning assembly to news time in the classroom and plenty of fun out in the playground. We opted for the PMW200 camera kits to be less intrusive in potentially sensitive situations and also to enable David and Ryan to move easily and quickly around the school and setup quickly from room to room and move from tripod to handheld operating without any fuss. David Lewis ACS commented on the cameras “It was the first time I had the opportunity to shoot with the Sony PMW200 camera, the ability to setup the two cameras on basically auto settings so we could work on obtaining as much coverage and options for the editor was great. The results from such a compact camera were great and the zoom lens gave us enough range to capture different framing options for the editor to help tell the story of the children at St Lucy’s and their communication challenges.” We were not on site for very long before our small crew became very interesting in the playground with future Directors and Executive Producers who were keen to contribute and especially during our turn in the library lesson where the cameras were turned on us by the students. This made for a truly rewarding day. Jacqueline from Bardic Studios commented about the experience "It was an enormous privilege to be part of the team for the Week Without Words project for St Lucy’s. David and Ryan captured the ethos of the school beautifully and it was a wonderful experience to work with their footage and relive the experiences of the shoot. We saw children facing huge challenges with great courage and teachers supporting them with infinite patience. Tiny achievements are celebrated at St Lucy’s, where it takes a well coordinated team to support children to take steps that I just assume my granddaughters will achieve as a part of growing up. As a filmmaker I have the good luck to be able to communicate freely and earn my living doing so. Most children at St Lucy’s have great difficulty communicating but they clearly have so much to say. Bardic Studio is thrilled to be part of Week Without Words and we encourage everyone in the film industry to participate to give these great kids the support they deserve." Here is some of the behind the scenes footage captured by our editor Jacqueline who cut together a great reel to highlight how much fun the crew had working out as St Lucy’s.   Here’s the final piece… please check it out and share with your mates. Do you know people who would pay for you to be silent for a day or even an hour - want to get involved? .By standing in the students' shoes and 'going silent' you could also help us share their stories and raise the much needed funds to help provide more communication tools needed at St Lucy’s. Become an Everyday Hero for St Lucy’s - click here to join up!      

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PLONK: It's a barrel of laughs shot by Aaron Smith on Videocraft's Canon C300 Kits

PLONK, the comedy series, shot by Aaron Smith (www.aaronsmith.com.au) in Nov/Jan using Videocraft gear, launched online this week. Aaron emailed the Videocraft team to say... "I am really happy with the pictures from the C300 and the colourist was really impressed with the Canon Log picture profile." he continued, "The visual style and production model of PLONK blended comedy, drama, documentary and tvc conventions. Shooting in country towns, vineyards and wineries across NSW, we needed a large sensor camera system, versatile on set, simple to use in the field and capable of capturing our featured locations and performers at their best. The Videocraft package of Canon C300s and L-Series lenses delivered above expectations. Recoding in Canon Log captured the full spectrum of landscapes and lighting scenarios, delivering images full of detail for the grade. Videocraft's equipment and the personal service provided the perfect camera package for the job." Watch it here https://www.youtube.com/roadtoplonk Like it here https://www.facebook.com/roadtoplonk Drink it here http://www.wineselectors.com.au/plonk (featuring wine from the series) The team here at Videocraft found EP 3 leaving us in stitches its worth checking out! A barrel of laughs! PLONK: Episode 3 Hunter Valley to Mudgee

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Videocraft sells first Sony F65 camera to DOP Peter Beeh

Videocraft recently sold their first F65 camera to Peter Beeh, the Sydney-based cinematographer who specialises in commercial, aerial, documentary and factual programming. Beeh said, “I have had a long time interest in the development of high end tools for digital cinematography. Traditionally the price point for such tools has meant there was near zero likelihood that buying the highest end cameras would be a viable business proposition for independent owners. Developments in the market and rapid advances in technology have completely changed this landscape in the past few years.” Beeh, a long-standing Videocraft client, approached NSW State Manager Andy Liell to discuss the F65 after having debated the camera with several industry colleagues. Beeh continued, “When Sony announced the F65's price point I realised that it could be viable for an independent owner. After much research and analysis of original footage I weighed up all its strengths and weaknesses and that’s when I called Andy (Liell) at Videocraft for his professional opinion.” Liell and Beeh discussed the many creative possibilities that an F65 would bring the cinematographer. Liell also liaised closely with Sony to ensure all of Beeh’s technical requirements would be met. Beeh added, “I've had a long relationship with Videocraft and have relied on them heavily in the past for supply and support. In the case of the F65 I asked Andy 15 million annoying little questions - as all overly particular cinematographers such as myself would. Andy was very patient, essentially assisting me in determining detailed specifics about the product, in order that I could assess whether it would suit my needs. Beyond that, as a professional operator, I rely on ongoing support after an initial sale. This is an absolute prerequisite to professional sales in my opinion and Videocraft provide this kind of support better than most.” According to Beeh Videocraft’s close relationship with Sony and their high levels of service and support were a big part in his decision to buy the F65. The supplier client relationship is something he also feels underpins a successful industry. Beeh added, “It goes beyond service and support. It's also about relationship. Sure I'm a good customer and that helps buy more goodwill. But sometimes, if there is a situation where I can return a favour, I'm happy to. I think this sort of two-way relationship is really valuable in our industry. For example, sometimes something goes wrong where it's no one's fault but my own, or I might need some one off something to get out of a bind. While Videocraft has no obligation to help me out, I know that if they can help, they will. That's also reassuring.” Since taking delivery of his F65 Beeh has used the camera with excellent results. He added, “So far I have used the camera on several TVCs. It's performed admirably and hasn't skipped a beat. I've also used it to shoot background plates for an overseas production and we've shot some fashion. Lots of need for good skin tones and in particular the need to accurately reproduce colour in garments. We've done a whole series of lifestyle type shots for another project. Everything you can imagine. Indoor moody, to outdoor sunny, to dusk lantern light. To make shots like this sing it's essential to have tools with wonderful dynamic range and an ability to perform brilliantly in very, very low light. The F65 does all of the above and more.” Beeh also took time to reflect on aspects of the F65’s workflow that were particularly appealing and why commenting, “What Sony does really well is to make robust systems that go from camera to post to finished master. The F65 is the only blue chip digital camera which at the flick of a switch offers 4K RAW recording, or high quality 10-bit HD recording. All this with a frame rates ranging from 1 to 60 fps and the ability to go to 120 fps soon. To Sony's credit they have also been very active in supporting the development of post production software and systems in order to make the system as user friendly as possible.” Beeh, like many of Australia’s cinematographers, has a busy and varied workload. In amongst the many shoots he has now completed with his new Sony F65 he pointed out exactly why it was such a special camera and why he was so happy with his choice to purchase it. Beeh concluded, “What I feel when I look at the pictures I'm making is that I see images that are taking another step away from looking 'electronic'. This camera has an amazing ability to resolve subtlety in colour. I see nuances in colour that I've never seen before. Reds and all its related shades are wonderful, and those all important skin tones are beautiful. The mechanical shutter is a corker. It completely resolves any issues with rolling shutter artifacts. The resolution is a major selling point for the camera. Put images of the F65 on a test chart and you'll find no other camera can come anywhere close to resolving the same number of lines. The F65’s sensor also generates very little noise for a device that carries something like 18 million pixels - the noise that is there is very, very fine. So, I confess, I'm now a 4K convert. As part of the mechanical shutter assembly Sony has been able to throw in a bunch of ND filters as well. I love this. Most modern cameras are very sensitive to light and heavy amounts of ND in front of the lens has presented its challenges with digital sensors. Now, when I'm shooting outdoors we can roll in three, four, five or six stops of ND at the push of a button. Such a time saver and it's all IR corrected. It’s safe to say that I’m delighted with the Sony F65 and Videocraft’s sales, service and support.”

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Videocraft Provides Camera Equipment For Shoot In Philippines Mines

According to Brian Shirley, one of the founding partners of The Shirley Spectra, one of Australia’s more unique communications companies, the camera equipment he rented from Videocraft for a recent shoot in the Philippines performed extremely well under the severest conditions. Shirley said, “We got a gig shooting footage of some mines in the Philippines to be used in a series of corporate videos. This involved capturing footage on the island of Mindanao and an incredibly hectic schedule. So we went to Videocraft and discussed our best options with Rentals Manager Nick Gleeson. We all agreed the Sony PDW700 XDCAM HD would be the best camera for the job as it captures stunning HD images and is very reliable.” Sony PDW700 and PDWF800 XDCAM HD cameras have become the defacto replacement for the Digital BETACAM and HDCAM formats in Australia with over 400 units sold to broadcasters and freelancers nationwide. The format is widely used and accepted for a diverse range of SD and HD TV productions. Shirley continued, “The Sony PDW700 proved to be very reliable, easy to use, good at low light, easily configured to shoot NTSC 1920 x 1080 and came with a good selection of lenses. We were a 2-man crew - cameraman and director – and had to get as many images as we could whilst we had available light which on mine sites, drilling sites, in forests, plantations, schools and rivers was quite a challenge but the PDW700 coped very well indeed and performed wonderfully.” Since its establishment in 1974, The Shirley Spectra has created a unique range of communications products for a variety of Australian companies and institutions. It is a full-service communications company, providing concepts, research, scripting, production, event design, staging, technical facilities and automation, creative direction and client service over a diverse range of products. Videocraft NSW Rentals Manager Nick Gleeson said, “Videocraft rental cameras also have proven themselves in many varied shooting situations, including extreme heat, humidity and cold environments. Our policy is to help our clients with exactly what they need in the most comprehensive way possible – especially if they are taking the kit overseas. In this instance, with some advance planning, everything went very smoothly and I’m delighted Brian and his team were so pleased with the results.” Brian Shirley concluded, “When you’re a 2-man team bouncing around from place to place in a 4WD you need all the help you can get and thanks to Nick (Gleeson) and the team at Videocraft we were as well prepared as we could have been for this shoot. Videocraft really were excellent. The camera was pre-configured exactly as required, support material was supplied and their technical support, when required, was terrific.”

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Videocraft Helps Red Shield Defence Service Kokoda Track Documentary

Recently the Video Production Department at The Salvation Army in Sydney was approached to film a documentary on the Red Shield Defence Service’s (affectionately known as Sallymen) involvement on the Kokoda Track during WWII. A group of Sallymen from throughout Australia took part in an historic hike on which a memorial was laid paying tribute to the Red Shield Defence Service men who bravely served during the war. Richard Cause, Technical Producer of CPR Productions for the Salvation Army Australia East THQ explained, “Given the significance of this event and the historical importance of the Sallyman during the Kokoda campaign, we saw this as an opportunity not to be missed. Having used Videocraft over the years, we thought we'd ring them to enquire about what the team consisting of Peter March (Journalist), David Scarborough (Editor) and myself (Cinematographer) might need to film a documentary such as this. So we were obviously after something that was lightweight, compact but also high quality. It also needed to be able to withstand the very rough conditions of this infamous trail.” Videocraft NSW State Manager Andy Liell recommended the Panasonic HPX172 camera. Cause continued, “We took Andy’s advice and used two Panasonic HPX172 cameras, one we already had and one Andy helped us get through Panasonic Australia. The team first looked at using an alternative, but after researching it decided that the HPX172 was the better option. The first reason for us deciding to take the P2 was quality. The project needed to be shot on the highest quality, yet most compact format. The second reason for us choosing the Panasonic was weight. Being that we were going to be carrying this gear along one of the world’s most grueling hikes, we found the P2 to be the most suitable camera size-wise without compromising quality.” Cause and his team found the cameras to be very light and user friendly. He continued, “Also, having a solid-state format, it was easy to review clips that were shot over the course of each day and not have the hassle of cueing the tapes back up.” The documentary was shot in very high humidity areas, something that brought its own challenges and surprises. Cause explained, “Not recording onto tape, which can be affected by the moisture, was a bonus and another reason we chose the P2. We were also shooting in very muddy, slippery and steep mountainous areas and we found the P2 rugged enough to cope with the occasional bang or drop.” The shoot went particularly well and Richard Cause and his team were very grateful to all those who helped make it happen. He concluded, “We want to thank Panasonic for their support with the second camera and we’d like to particularly thank Andy at Videocraft was really helpful when it came to answering questions in relation to what we would require to take on this shoot. The other thing that really impressed us was Videocraft’s willingness to go the extra mile and help us obtain additional loan P2 cards from ABC TV facilities, which we were otherwise not going to be able to afford to purchase.” The Red Shield Defense Service’s Kokoda Track documentary will be aired in 2010.

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