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Convergent Design Adds ProRes 422(HQ) Codec to Odyssey 7Q

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March 23, 2014 3:10:03 PM PDT March 23, 2014 3:10:03 PM PDTrd, March 23, 2014 3:10:03 PM PDT

What's New» Convergent Design had been hinting at it for months, and now they have finally added ProRes support to their flagship Odyssey 7Q recorder. Along with the new codec, bug fixes and UI updates, a host of new features have been added to the underlying code that make the Odyssey the most versatile on-board recorder out there. Download the new firmware here and follow our Odyssey Firmware Update Guide if you get stuck. New features include: - Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) 1920x1080 recording/playback up to 30p - Mix file types on SSDs (raided, non-raided, RAW, ProRes, etc.) - OLED Pixel Zoom frame drag (move window around frame) - Improved/Added reference marks to Waveform, Histogram and False Color tools - OLED automatic screen flip (defeatable) - Audio meters - Headphone volume control - Hide video function (blackout OLED) - 1.33 Frame Guide added - Overlays on/off for SDI & HDMI outputs Sony FS700 Record Option: - FS700 4K RAW recording up to 60p - “4K2HD” FS700 4K RAW to Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) 1920x1080 recording up to 30p. This feature supports either SLOG2 or IT709 (REC709) Picture Profiles. 1080p super-sampled from 4K RAW for a superior image. Canon C500 Record Option: - QuadHD RAW (3840x2160) recording up to 60p - 2K & 1080p 12-bit RGB recording up to 30p in .DPX Fixes & Improvements: - FS700 false triggering reduced - FS700 RAW white balance tracking corrected - Monitored image tearing corrected - Intermittent lines in image corrected - Cinema DNG files improved for greater post software compatibility - Improved SDI signal detection
The Future?
We couldn't help notice the "Not Supported At This Time" list, which hints at the upcoming features potentially in the works. As is common practice now, everything is just a firmware update away! Not Supported at this time: -FS700 4K 100 / 120 -FS700 4K 50/60p 4K2HD ProRes (Only 23.98, 25, 29.97 supported) -Canon 4K Half Raw 120 -Canon 4K x 1080 -Canon “slow and fast” frame rates, included HD 100 / 120 -Canon 2K / 1080p 12 bit 50 / 60 -Canon 2K 10 bit 50/60 -Canon RGB 444 DPX 50 / 60 -Filenames matching the camera when recording DPX (10 / 12 Bit) or HD ProRes. -ProRes 1080p 50 / 59.94 -ProRes 2K 23.98-30 -ProRes 4K 23.98-30 -Multistream recording