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September 13, 2017 1:50:50 PM PDT September 13, 2017 1:50:50 PM PDTth, September 13, 2017 1:50:50 PM PDT

EVS has announced a brand-new product within its family of live production solutions - X-One. This all-in-one toolset, delivers the signature speed and reliability of EVS technology for live productions requiring six cameras or less. The new system is built with EVS’ software-defined technology foundation and puts all of the capabilities of a control room in the hands of a single production operator – all controlled from the solution’s touchscreen.

“Producers of smaller-scale live operations are challenged to find the right creative production toolset that meets their needs for professional technology at a lower budget,” explains Laurent Petit, SVP Product at EVS. “X-One is filling that gap. It offers the best compromise between quality and price and features an ultra-simplified production system that allows all aspects of live production to be managed and controlled by a single operator.

“X-One has an unrivalled level of intuitiveness and provides variable functions that users need depending on the type of production they’re working on. This is what we call contextualised production.”

The all in one solution encapsulates what’s at the core of EVS’ industry-standard technology – industry-leading speed and reliability. It allows for the ingest of six camera feeds – as well as for the media import of any other files – which operators use to create replays, control audio, cut together a live feed with the built-in video switcher and even add graphics to live programming which is output in broadcast-standard quality.

X-One is designed to be operated by one single user that can take advantage of its contextualised user interface that adapts to the type of production on which it’s deployed. Different sports or entertainment productions will have dedicated interfaces which highlight specific features and removes unnecessary ones. This puts users in a unique production environment with pre-defined functions and simplified operation. The dedicated UIs will be available on the EVS cloud and can be quickly downloaded and installed ahead of any production.

The system natively supports AIMS-compliant uncompressed IP ST 2110 feeds and further assists production operators with functions that can be deployed through a number of apps and plugins which can be built and continually added into the system. X-One’s architecture can be easily configured to expand in input/outputs, as well as deliver UHD-4K formats for future needs.

And because it’s built with EVS technology, users can be sure that X-One will provide the speed expected in a production system, the reliability needed in the live environment and the after sales and ongoing support that’s always provided with EVS products. The system will be available for purchase by the end of 2017 with further software upgrades available in Q1 2018 that will provide users with a wider range of applications and features.

“X-One marks the latest step in the deployment of new EVS products which feature our newly developed software-defined architecture,” said Laurent Petit, SVP Product at EVS. “By combining this new technology with the reliability of solutions that EVS is known for, we’re ensuring that our latest solutions are future-ready and remain the best option for any production requirements in the coming years.”

EVS’ software-defined architecture is built on a new foundation of GPU-based technology which opens up more creative capabilities for users who are able to customise and personalise their operation workflows. The software-defined architecture has so far been implemented into our DYVI switcher, Xeebra VAR system and several other products currently in development, due for announcement soon.