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Blackmagic Design Announces New ATEM Mini Pro

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April 3, 2020 2:17:09 PM PDT April 3, 2020 2:17:09 PM PDTrd, April 3, 2020 2:17:09 PM PDT
Blackmagic Design today announced ATEMMini Pro, a new low-cost live production switcher with all the features of ATEM Mini butnow with extra features for recording, streaming and monitoring. ATEM Mini Pro includes anew hardware streaming engine to allow direct streaming via its Ethernet connection toYouTube Live, Facebook and Twitch. There is also support for recording the stream directto USB flash disks in H.264, plus support for recording to multiple disks for continuousrecording. The new model also includes a multiview on the HDMI video output that allowsall inputs to be monitored on a single monitor, as well as live status of recording, streamingand the audio mixer.ATEM Mini Pro is available forAU$1185 (Inc GST). Available from our online store. ATEM Mini switchers make it easy to create professional multi-camera productions for livestreaming to YouTube and innovative business presentations using Skype or Zoom.Simply connect ATEM Mini and customers can switch live between 4 high-quality videocamera inputs for dramatically better quality images. Or connect a computer forPowerPoint slides or gaming consoles. The built-in DVE allows exciting picture in pictureeffects, perfect for commentary. There are loads of video effects too. All ATEM Minimodels have USB that works like a webcam so customers can use any streaming softwarewhile the ATEM Mini Pro model adds live streaming and recording to USB disks.
There's also HDMI out for projectors. Microphone inputs allow high-quality desktop andlapel mics for interviews and presentations.
ATEM Mini’s compact all in one design includes both a control panel as well asconnections. The front panel includes easy to use buttons for selecting sources, videoeffects and transitions. The source buttons are large so it’s possible to use it by feel, lettingthe presenter do the switching. Customers even get buttons for audio mixing. On theATEM Mini Pro model customers also get buttons for record and streaming control as wellas output selection buttons that let customers change the video output between cameras,program and multiview. On the rear panel, there are HDMI connections for cameras orcomputers, extra microphone inputs, USB for webcam out plus an HDMI "aux" output forprogram video.
There's never been a switcher that’s easier to use, as customers simply press any of theinput buttons labelled 1 to 4 on the front panel to cut between video sources. Customerscan choose between cut or effects transitions by selecting the cut or auto buttons. Unlikecut, the auto button tells ATEM Mini to use a video effect when switching inputs.Customers can select from exciting transitions such as dissolve, or more dramatic effectssuch as dip to colour, DVE squeeze and DVE push. The DVE is perfect for picture in pictureeffects and customers can instantly set up different picture positions. There is even a stillstore for titles and graphics accessible via external software control.
With 4 independent HDMI inputs, customers can connect up to 4 high-quality videocameras. All video sources will re-sync to the switcher if they operate at different videostandards so customers don't have to worry about connecting video devices as they all justwork. Imagine taking advantage of the low light capability of better cameras for theatreproduction, weddings, school concerts and music videos.  
To ensure maximum compatibility, ATEM Mini features a USB connection that operates asa simple webcam source. That means customers can plug in and instantly get workingwith any video software. The software is tricked into thinking the ATEM Mini is a commonwebcam, but it's really a live production switcher. That guarantees full compatibility withany video software and in full resolution 1080HD quality. ATEM Mini works with softwareand platforms such as Open Broadcaster, XSplit Broadcaster, YouTube Live, FacebookLive, Skype, Zoom, Twitch, Periscope, Livestream, Wirecast and more.  
The ATEM Mini Pro model has a built-in hardware streaming engine for live streaming viaits Ethernet connection. That means customers can live stream to YouTube, Facebookand Twitch in better quality, without dropped frames and with much simpler settings. Justselect the streaming service and enter the streaming key. There are palettes in ATEMSoftware Control for streaming setup, plus streaming status is also displayed in themultiview. Streaming status is easy to understand as the data rate indicator shows internetspeed required for the video format users are using.  
The ATEM Mini Pro model also supports direct recording of their streaming data to USBflash disks. That means customers get very long recordings in the same H.264 video fileswith AAC audio that customers streamed, so customers can directly upload to any onlinevideo site, such as YouTube and Vimeo. ATEM Mini Pro supports multiple disks whenused with a USB hub or Blackmagic MultiDock, so when a disk fills recording can continueto a second disk for non-stop recording. Record settings and disk selection are set up inATEM Software Control and there's a record status view in the built-in multiview.  
With two independent 3.5mm stereo audio inputs, customers can connect desktop andlapel microphones. With 2 extra stereo audio inputs, customers can ensure a host andguest both have lapel microphones when doing interviews. ATEM Mini features a fullFairlight audio mixer and all HDMI audio inputs and both microphone inputs are allconnected separately to the audio mixer so customers can live mix from all audio sources.  
Each of the 4 HDMI inputs feature their own dedicated standards converter. That meansATEM Mini will automatically convert 1080p, 1080i and 720p sources to the video standardof the switcher. The HDMI output is a true "aux" output so customers can clean switcheach HDMI input or program to this output. If users are using program/preview switching,the HDMI out can be selected to preview, or on the ATEM Mini Pro model, it can beselected to display a full multiview.  
The ATEM Software Control app unlocks the hidden power of ATEM Mini and allowsaccess to every feature in the switcher. ATEM Software Control features a visual switcheruser interface with parameter palettes for making quick adjustments. Although customerscan normally connect via USB, if customers connect using Ethernet it's possible formultiple users to connect to ATEM Mini using separate copies of ATEM Software Controlon different computers. Customers can even save the switcher state as an XML file. Ifcustomers need clip playback, customers can even control HyperDeck disk recorders viaEthernet.  
The built-in "media pool" allows the loading of up to 20 separate broadcast quality RGBAgraphics for titles, opening plates and logos. Customers can even use still frames forcomplex effects such as graphic wipes. ATEM Mini can even grab stills from the videooutput and add them to the internal media pool. Graphics can be loaded via ATEMSoftware Control or downloaded directly from Photoshop using the ATEM Photoshop plug-in. The Photoshop Plug-in is perfect for graphics that change often, such as scoreboards,as customers can download directly into the media player.  
For news or on-set presentation work, ATEM Mini is perfect as it has an upstream ATEMAdvanced Chroma Key plus an additional downstream linear keyer. Customers can evenuse it for title overlays by creating graphics with a green or blue background and the keyerwill knock out the green and make the background transparent.  
When doing larger live productions with multiple cameras, it’s very useful to see all theirvideo sources at the same time on a single monitor. The ATEM Mini Pro model includes aprofessional multiview that lets customers see all 4 video inputs, plus preview and programon a single HDMI television or monitor. Each camera view includes tally indicators socustomers know when each source is on-air, and each view also has custom labels andaudio meters. Customers can also see the media player so customers know what graphicis selected. Plus multiview even includes status for recording, streaming and the Fairlightaudio mixer.  
With a built-in Fairlight audio mixer, ATEM Mini makes it possible to do complex live soundmixing. The internal mixer features a total of 12 channels so customers can mix audio fromall sources. That’s audio from all HDMI sources and the 2 stereo mic inputs. Each inputchannel features the highest quality 6 band parametric EQ and compressor, limiter,expander and noise gate as well as full panning.  
For a more broadcast-style workflow, customers can remotely control their cameras fromATEM Mini. Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K and 6K models can work as studiocameras with control sent via the HDMI connection to ATEM Mini. That means customerscan control the camera settings as well as the camera’s colour corrector from ATEMSoftware Control. Imagine changing ISO and tint, plus lens iris, focus and zoom, socamera operators can focus on the shot. There are two types of control interface, CCUlayout for traditional tint colour control and a DaVinci colour corrector interface allowing thecamera’s built-in DaVinci colour corrector to add incredible digital film "looks" to their liveproduction.  
"This is an amazing new model as it has all the power of the original ATEM Mini and addseven more features with built-in recording, streaming and multiview monitoring," said GrantPetty, Blackmagic Design CEO. “What's been surprising is the types of work customershave used the ATEM Mini model for and we never expected it to be used for such largeevents! So now with this new ATEM Mini Pro model, we are making this easier becausecustomers can stream via the Ethernet, while at the same time record to files on a USBdisk, all while monitoring all cameras, media and status on a single HDMI video monitor.It's really exciting and we can not wait to see what customers do with this new model!"
ATEM Mini Pro Features • Features miniaturized control panel based design. • Supports connecting up to 4 cameras or computers. • USB output operates as a webcam and supports all video software. • Live streaming via Ethernet supported on ATEM Mini Pro. • Recording to USB flash disks in H.264 supported on ATEM Mini Pro. • Two stereo audio inputs for connecting desktop or lapel microphones. • Automatically standards converts and re-syncs all HDMI inputs. • Includes free ATEM Software Control for Mac and Windows. • Internal media for 20 RGBA graphics for titles, opening plates and logos. • Includes ATEM Advanced Chroma Key for green/blue screen work. • Multiview allows monitoring of all cameras on ATEM Mini Pro. • Audio mixer supports limiter, compressor, 6 band EQ and more! • Supports remote HDMI control with Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Cameras.