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New Fujinon wide angle 4K Cine Zoom Lens ZK2.5×14 with a focal length covering 14-35mm

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September 10, 2013 12:21:26 PM PDT September 10, 2013 12:21:26 PM PDTth, September 10, 2013 12:21:26 PM PDT
The ZK2.5x14 offers a wide angle zoom covering 14-35mm focal length. It is the third lens for cinema cameras, equipped with a detachable servo drive unit. The ZK2.5×14 uses the highly adopted 35mm PL mount*1 for cinema cameras, and with its high optical performance, compact body, and weight of a mere 2.9kg*2, it is capable of capturing a variety of visual expressions in many different situations. With the shift to high image quality video contents using 4K cameras*3 for television productions, lenses with high optical performance for cinema cameras have been receiving a lot of attention. However, as the shooting method differs between cinema and television camera lenses, there are difficulties in operation of cinema camera lenses for television production. As a new idea for cine lenses, Fujifilm introduced the ZK series lenses, with detachable servo drive unit for zooming and focusing. In August 2012, the FUJINON ZK4.7×19 (hereinafter ZK4.7×19) was released, followed by the telephoto type FUJINON ZK3.5×85 (hereinafter ZK3.5×85) in November of the same year. Thanks to the detachable servo drive unit on the ZK series, the lens can be operated in the same manner as a traditional portable television camera lens. Not only in film productions, it is also suitable for television productions with cinema cameras. The ZK series features high quality images due to the pleasing Bokeh and the shallow depth-of-field, specific to cine lenses. Furthermore, with the servo drive unit removed, traditional cinema manual, or external cine motors for zooming and focusing operation is also available for all models of this series. Whichever way they are used, ZK series will be comfortable. And, it is easy to carry around due to the compact and lightweight design. With the release of the ZK2.5×14, the ZK series line-up consists of wide angle, standard, and telephoto lenses. The ZK2.5×14 is a wide angle zoom lens with a focal length covering from 14 to 35mm, supporting both film and digital cinema cameras. With the latest optical simulation technology and high precision large diameter aspherical elements, it has achieved both high optical performance and a lightweight compact body of 2.9kg. Thanks to high resolution from the center to corner, high image quality without image distortion will be exhibited on the large screens of movie theaters. Additionally, a Macro Function is also standard, allowing for the shooting of subjects as close as 33cm*4, expanding the range of the lens. FUJINON cine lenses offered from Fujifilm, recognized for their high technology, were used in the international hit Oblivion this year. FUJINON lenses contribute to the latest imaging progress. Fujifilm will continue developing and providing new innovative products using its optical technology, high-precision processing technology and assembly technology developed over the years, to respond to the diversifying needs of production sites. The ZK2.5x14 will be exhibited at IBC2013.