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Ross Video Introduces Carbonite Black

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April 13, 2015 10:46:48 PM PDT April 13, 2015 10:46:48 PM PDTth, April 13, 2015 10:46:48 PM PDT
Ross Video has been busy, making a new Carbonite vision mixer! The new 3ME panel that was released by Ross last NAB for the Carbonite range was just waiting for a new powerful brain, and the Carbonite Black is the answer. Full 3ME, 3G and 4K! 36 inputs, 24 outputs, and with its sexy 3ME panel, it looks the biz. We can also be sure that it will work well too! If your at NAB then stop by the Ross Video booth and check it out or see the press release below...
Ross Video announced that NAB 2015 will see the introduction of Carbonite Black, the latest addition to Ross Video’s best selling production switcher family.
Carbonite Black brings expanded I/O and ME count to the Carbonite series, with a beautiful new control panel, 3 full MEs, 36 Inputs and 22 outputs – plus all of the superior features found in other Carbonite models such as MiniMEs, MultiScreen, 3G and UHD (4K) format support.
“When we introduced Carbonite, it became an instant hit as it completely changed the price and performance model for 1 and 2 ME production switchers. Carbonite Black is designed to do the same thing, but for productions that require larger I/O or 3 MEs,” stated Nigel Spratling, Marketing Product Manage, Ross Video. “Carbonite Black not only looks fantastic, but has more production features and performance than any other product available at this price point. We know that customers will really like this product – and it’s what many of them have been asking us for.” The 2RU Carbonite Black frame will be available with 2 or 3 MEs, and will accept all current signal formats as standard – including 3G/1080P 50/59.94 and UHD quad link with no reduction of resources whatsoever when processing these higher data rates. “With 3 MEs and 4 MiniMEs, this switcher effectively has 7 fully available MEs and a total of 23 keyers,” continued Nigel. “Until now, there has been nothing available that can offer this much production power at a mid-size price point, and Carbonite Black is yet another game changer from Ross.” Carbonite Black will be demonstrated on the Ross Booth #N3906, and is scheduled to begin shipping in July 2015.