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SONY releases new cameras at NAB2018 - FS5II, PXWZ190, PXWZ280

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April 10, 2018 1:37:26 PM PDT April 10, 2018 1:37:26 PM PDTth, April 10, 2018 1:37:26 PM PDT

SONY PMW-FS5II CAMERA Sony’s Super 35 mm handheld camcorder now adds 4K 120fps RAW output and new colour science to capture lifelike natural images

Sony has today expanded its Large Format Sensor category with the launch of the new XDCAMhandheld camcorder FS5 (Body:PXW-FS5M2, Lens Kit: PXW-FS5M2K). Complete with stunning 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR) and 120fps performance and RAW capabilities, the new Super 35 mm camcorder marries outstanding image quality with an ergonomic modular frame, offering content creators the ultimate creative flexibility. In addition to S-Log 2/3, the FS offers Instant HDR Workflow1 to produce HDR content for quick post-production without the need for grading2.The FS5II is an outstanding E-mount camcorder for interchangeable lens camera users, offering boundless creative options for web commercial, music video production, dramas, corporate & event videos and documentaries.

Ultimate handheld creative camcorder

Tuned to meet the requirements of today’s content creators, the FS5II features an all-new look with a refined picture tone to capture natural highlights, subtle, alluring and well rendered facial tones and a softer tonal look with emphasis upon skin tones. Using the accumulated expertise of Sony’s digital cinematography camera VENICE, FS5 promises a fresh and vivid look, while retaining plenty of creative options in post-production thanks to its high performance 4K Super 35 Exmor® CMOS sensor.

“When Sony develops new camera technologies, we gather feedback from all ends of the production chain – from DOPs through to post production around the workflow,” said David Green, Product Manager, Sony Australia. “This camera was no exception. We’ve evolved and developed our hugely popular FS5 with default shooting capabilities, and the FS5 II is now a powerful addition to the Large Format Sensor line-up, which promises even more flexibility and creative choices.”

High Frame Rate (HFR) shooting including 4K¹ 120fps² RAW output and HDR features

This camera builds on Sony’s heritage for image quality, delivering stunning HFR shots supporting four seconds of 120fps² in 4K¹ and continuous 240fps3 in 2K4 RAW output, when used in partnership with a compatible external recorder. No surprises that continuous 4K 60fps5 RAW output is also fully supported. On the other hand, with an internal SD card, the camcorder also offers HFR recording at Full HD 10bit 4:2:2 image quality and a frame rate of up to 240 fps of eight-second cache recording, allowing up to 10x slow motion6. Continuous recording of 120fps in Full HD is also supported. With an Instant HDR Workflow³, users can now reduce time needed in post-production and produce high-quality HDR content quickly without the need of grading. Whilst for productions of longer lead-times, S-Log 2/3 allows the HDR image to be fine-tuned via colour grading.

Grab and Shoot Capabilities

Lightweight but robust, the FS5 II’s well balanced 0.8kg body, adaptability and creative features make it a perfect fit for movie shooting. At the same time, its modular design makes it easy to reconfigure for any application including mounting on a gimbal or drone. Sony’s unique Electronic Variable ND filter with Auto ND function covers a wide range of exposure adjustment as well as creating a wide range of shallow Depth of Field control. Now with ten Picture Profile settings, the FS5 allows users to instantly and easily configure the camera for different shooting styles, such as cinematic content creation and online content.

The FS5 II will be available from June 2018 onwards.Pre-order Now! with a deposit at our online shop here at Videocraft

Notes: 1 Shooting in HLG/BT.2020 mode 2 HLG/BT. 2020 compatible display required for viewing 3 at 60Hz mode, 200fps at 50Hz mode 4 2048x1080 5 59.94p. 50fps at 50Hz mode 6 Captures 239.76fps at HD or 2K, and playback at 23.98p

SONY PXW-Z190 CAMCORDER Integrated 25x zoom lens and advanced Face Detection Autofocus function in a compact body offer optimal choice for corporate, events and education

Sony’s PXW-Z190 is a 4K compact camcorder with enhanced usability to achieve various video expressions, making it ideal for independent shooters in the applications such as corporate, event production and education. The camcorder’s newly developed three 1/3-type Exmor R CMOS image sensors capture RGB light independently and deliver 4K 50p/60p imagery with high resolution and a wide range of gradation. 4:2:2 10-bit ensures vivid and rich color content in High Definition (HD).

The new model incorporates a 25x optical zoom lens to cover a wide focal range for multiple shooting requirements, with three independent lens rings to support intuitive operation. Using optical zoom lens with Digital Extender in an HD mode, a 50x zoom equivalent image without any picture degradation can be captured thanks to its 4K resolution sensor. Advanced Face Detection Autofocus (AF) includes the “Face Priority AF” and newly added “Face Only AF” functions. Combining with registration of the face, it helps to ensure a specific person within a group automatically stay in pin-sharp focus, extremely helpful in shooting an interview or lecture.

Sony’s Electronic Variable ND filter ensures greater exposure control by smoothly varying the density of the ND filter during shooting while maintaining resolution and depth of field.

The PXW-Z190 combines advanced usability and network solutions for enhanced workflow efficiency. The PXW-Z190 is HLG compatible to support Sony’s Instant HDR workflow, delivering beautiful HDR content quickly without the need for additional color grading. In addition, “Content Browser Mobile” software allows the camera to be operated remotely via a smartphone. With an optional license, the camcorder can be used with Sony’s cloud-based ENG service, “XDCAM air”. The new camcorder utilizes Sony’s Quality of Service (QoS) for live distribution of high-quality broadcast content using a Dual Link connection, multiplexing two cellular networks. File transfer and streaming are also possible using a wired or wireless LAN or LTE modem connection, allowing immediate editing and live monitoring.

Dual MI shoe enables the use of a wireless microphone1 and video light at the same time to achieve further flexibility. When using Sony’s UWP-D series wireless microphone, audio signals can be delivered without cabling – eliminating the risk of accidental disconnection and battery loss of the wireless audio receiver. Enhanced four-channel audio recording is supported by a combination of 2 XLR inputs and audio input via an MI shoe.

The camera records to most SD memory cards widely available, with dual card slots for simultaneous, relay and back-up recording.

The PXW-Z190 covers a wide range of main formats including XAVC-Long and DVCAM. In addition to these formats, MPEG HD 422 and MPEG HD are available with an optional license. Proxy 1080i up to 9Mbps can be utilized for 4K and HD simultaneous recording. Other features include 3G-SDI output and a remote terminal for compact multi-camera operation using Sony’s MCX-500 production switcher and RM-30BP controller.

The new PXW-Z190 camcorder is planned to be available in September 2018. Pre-order Now! with a deposit at our online shop here at Videocraft

SONY PXW-Z280 CAMCORDER 4K 50p/60p, 4:2:2 10-bit, HDR capabilities, supports direct-to-air broadcasting

The new Sony PXW-Z280 camcorder boasts three 1/2-type Exmor R CMOS sensors, delivering high sensitivity of F12 (59.94p), long zoom ratio and deep depth of field, which is extremely ideal for news gathering. In addition, the 3-chip sensors and 4K 4:2:2 10-bit add vivid imagery and delicate colour gradation. Enhanced network features, versatile formats and interfaces enable direct-to-air workflows, making this model ideal for broadcasters, production companies and documentary creation.

The PXW-Z280 is designed for easy use with features such as the advanced Face Detection Autofocus (AF) function. Users can select “Face Priority AF” - convenient for shooting the scene including human objects - as well as the newly introduced “Face Only AF”. This feature is important especially in more demanding 4K shooting applications such as recording interviews or lectures, where a specific person will automatically stay in pin-sharp focus when applied together with registration function of the face. A 17x zoom lens and three independent control rings with end-stop allow manual control of focus, zoom, and iris for quick and precise adjustment.

Sony’s unique Electronic Variable ND filter allows greater exposure control by varying the density of the ND filter during shooting while maintaining resolution and depth of the fields. The camera also supports S-Log3 that allows users to create beautiful imagery, and Sony’s Instant HDR workflow, which eliminates the need for color grading.

The PXW-Z280 features advanced network features to enable a secure, seamless wireless Electric News Gathering (ENG) workflow.

Based on the technology developed for Sony’s cloud-based ENG service, “XDCAM air,” the new camcorder uses Sony’s Quality of Service (QoS) for live distribution of high-quality broadcast content with the use of a Dual Link connection by multiplexing two cellular networks, assigning Planning Metadata, and browsing and getting clips in the recording media on camcorders from a distant broadcast station via the cloud. In addition, an integrated Wi-Fi module and Ethernet connector enable hybrid wireless/wired data transfer, remote control and monitoring from devices such as a smartphone, tablet or PC, equipping users with more flexibility in production.

A range of formats including XAVC Intra/Long, MPEG HD422, MPEG HD and DVCAM are available to support established workflows. PXW-Z280 also has various interfaces to fulfill the need of professional users. SxS card and SD card with optional adapter can be used as recording media, providing more choice for users. Four-channel audio recording with independent volume dials facilitates precise control of external input audio and an attached MI shoe microphone1. Dual MI shoes provide cable-less connection with Sony’s UWP-D series wireless microphone receiver and use of a video light simultaneously. 12G-SDI function enables 4K 50p / 60p transfer between long distance using a single BNC cable.

The PXW-Z280 camcorder is planned to be available in July 2018. Pre-order Now! with a deposit at our online shop here at Videocraft