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Sony’s Enhanced Live Production System Offers Superior Performance and Flexibility in Set-up for High Definition Productions

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September 13, 2013 11:36:58 PM PDT September 13, 2013 11:36:58 PM PDTth, September 13, 2013 11:36:58 PM PDT

Unveils new HSC-300R/300RF and HSC-100R/100RF studio cameras with 2/3-inch Power HAD FX CCDs for high picture quality and low noise, plus MVS-3000A multi-format switcher with added control panel options and performance features

Today at IBC 2013, Sony announced a high definition (HD) live production system with new products that feature enhancements for better performance and more flexible system configuration, compared to their predecessor models. New additions to the established HSC series line-up have been unveiled, namely the HSC-300R/300RF and HSC-100R/100RF HD system cameras. Moreover, Sony has also introduced a new MVS series multi-format switcher called the MVS-3000A.

HSC-300R/300RF, HSC-100R/100RF Studio Camera (carries common design)

MVS-3000A Multi-format Switcher with optional control panels ICP-3016 (16 XPT), ICP-3000 (24 XPT) and ICP-6520 (24 XPT)

  The new cameras build on the strengths of Sony’s existing HSC-300 and HXC-100 system cameras, incorporating 2/3-inch Power HAD FX CCDs for high quality image capture with low noise. The HSC-300R/RF models are compatible with the HDLA series of large lens adapters, and equipped with Neutral Density (ND) and Colour Correction (CC) dual optical servo filter units, suitable for large venue live broadcasts operated via outside broadcast (OB) vans. The HSC-100R/RF models are compatible with portable lenses and are aimed at regular studio or small venue use. The MVS-3000A switcher supports features such as ready-to-use Digital Multi Effects (DME) and a wider choice of control panel configurations as compared to Sony’s existing MVS-3000 switcher. To better meet operational requirements across different venues, the new system cameras are equipped for digital triax (HSC-300R and HSC-100R) or optical fibre (HSC-300RF and HSC-100RF) transmission. As the demand for HD production has grown, so have the complexities of operational requirements across varying applications and environments. The HSC-300R/300RF, HSC-100R/100RF and MVS-3000A models are designed to be configured as part of a cost-effective HD live production system which addresses these complexities. Offering easy set-up, operation and excellent price-performance, such a system is ideal for small-to-mid sized broadcasting studios, production houses, OB vans, houses of worship and more. “Flexibility is a core focus of this new range of live production solutions. We’ve developed this range to address common constraints faced by customers in their set-ups, such as space limitations or different infrastructures used across venues,” said Nick Buchner, Senior Product Manager for Content Creation, Sony Australia and New Zealand. “With options for digital triax or optical fibre, the new cameras allow users to select the solution that works best for each specific production, ranging from large system configurations to single camera operation. We’ve also kept the solutions at very competitive cost levels, a major concern for many customers. We’re confident that this is a production solution that will really work in their favour.” HSC-300R/300RF and HSC-100R/100RF System Cameras

HSC-300R/300RF, HSC-100/100RF

Through applying unique Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology and know-how of optical fibre transmission accumulated in developing the HDC-2000 high-end studio camera series, Sony has successfully achieved an outstanding signal-to-noise ratio of 60dB for the new HSC-300R/300RF and HSC-100R/100RF cameras. Moreover, high performance 16-bit A/D converters have been incorporated in the cameras which enable well-defined, crisp images and deep blacks. In addition, the HSC-300R/300RF and HSC-100R/RF cameras offer flexible configuration with the highly compact 1.5 RU-sized camera control units (CCU) - HSCU-300R (digital triax) and HSCU-300RF (optical fibre). The CCU features flexible interfaces of selectable inputs/outputs between HD-SDI and SD-SDI, and are compatible with multi-camera systems through a soft-key option, front control panel (HKCU-FP2) and a PC-based control panel. It also incorporates a high performance power supply unit capable of supporting power requirements to a maximum length of 2,000 metres of optical fibre cable between the camera and the CCU.

HSCU-300R/300RF Camera Control Unit

Whether on digital triax or fiber infrastructures, users of Sony’s new system cameras can be assured of excellent picture quality transmission via solutions that fit their operational needs. MVS-3000A Multi-Format Switcher Following the success of the MVS-3000 compact switcher, Sony has designed the MVS-3000A switcher with the same powerful capabilities, plus added features for greater flexibility in system configuration. It comes with sophisticated capabilities such as two mix effects (M/E), four keyers per M/E, each with the MVS high-performance chromakey, 2.5D resizers, colour correction and more. Features previously only available on Sony’s MVS-6500 series have been included, such as the use of the optional ICP-6511 Menu Panel.

ICP-6511 Menu Panel

There is also a wider choice of control panels available to users of the MVS-3000A – in addition to the current ICP-3000 (24 XPT), the ICP-3016 (16 XPT) and ICP-6520 (24 XPT) control panels are also available. This gives users with limited space, in studios or OB vans, greater flexibility in selecting their equipment to match their requirements. The MVS-3000A was also designed with new DMEs (3D), AUX MIX transition and easier operation via the optional dedicated menu panel. Sony’s enhanced HD live production system will be on display at the IBC Show 2013 in Amsterdam, RAI Exhibition and Congress Centre, Hall 12, stand 12.A10 in the Elicium Building, from 13-17 September 2013. The new cameras will be available in Australia and New Zealand from October 2013, and the MVS-3000A from November 2013.