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Using your smartphone to create video and streaming content

In this odd time when we are all looking to work differently, people are looking to use their smartphones to create video and streaming content. It may be that you don’t have access to your normal equipment or that everybody else has beaten you to the ‘hot product’ and you are having to think laterally.


It is worth noting that the cameras on modern smartphones are quite good if you make sure there is enough light and you are within the correct focal length of the lens. It would be no good trying to film a football match with a phone but an interview or talking head will work well. I don’t imagine you will be wanting to film a football match at the moment anyway.
Where smartphones do fail is on audio, there are several manufactures catering for smartphone audio and arguably the best is our own, homegrown, Rode. They offer options for Apple devices (Lightning connector) or Android (3.5mm jack TRRS). There are Lapel microphones like the Smartlav+ or  Wireless Go which can be attached to an individual person or Directional microphones which can stay attached to the phone and work well over 2 or 3 meters. The Rode SC6 and SC6L allow you to connect two TRRS mics like the Smartlav+ simultaneously.
Rode SmartLav+
Rode Wireless Go
Rode SC6-L
Another main consideration is mounting your camera/phone effectively so the picture is stable and your arm doesn’t fall off halfway through the interview. Manfrotto makes a simple inexpensive clamp for your phone which allows it to be connected to a tripod or mount either in portrait or landscape or should I say Insta and everything else! It’s called the PixiClamp. They also make a small desk-mounted tripod called the Pixi Mini Tabletop tripod. The nice thing about the clamp is that it has standard 1/4″ threads allowing you to connect it to most tripods and lighting stands.
Manfrotto Pixi Clamp
Manfrotto Pixi Tabletop Tripod


Or available for purchase as a combo!
Lighting is the last hurdle. If the available light isn’t giving you the production values you are used to seeing. The good news is that there are lots of powerful, battery-operated colour correctable lights available at very reasonable prices. You can consider the small Aputure Amaran AL-MX rechargeable light or a twin kit with stands like the Ledgo Luxpad E268C which offers unbeatable value.
Aputure Amaran AL-MX LED Light
LEDGO Luxpad E268C Lighting Kit



For a full range of products suited to use with your smartphone click here

Anyway enjoy setting up your home studios and we can’t wait to see what you create!
Blog Post by Simon Anderson

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