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Videocraft brings OB to MotoGP

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November 10, 2014 12:17:18 PM PST November 10, 2014 12:17:18 PM PSTth, November 10, 2014 12:17:18 PM PST
With a history of delivering the very best that MotoGP has to offer, the 2014 Tissot Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix pushed excitement levels to the limit. The on track broadcast for this year’s Phillip Island event was again managed by Axis Films who for the first time used Videocraft’s new Mobile Production Centre for their big screen coverage. Axis Films owner Tim Maloney explained, “This year we moved from our usual site shed set up to using the Videocraft truck and it was a resounding success. Videocraft provided a significant amount of equipment whilst easily integrating our existing equipment which was a huge plus.” Videocraft provided full OB production facilities for the three day MotoGP event, many of which were a first for the production. Maloney continued, “Videocraft did a great job. By using the truck as a hub they tied together all the internal and external facilities. They also provided all the comms and audio between all stakeholders some of whom were over half a kilometre away, integrated an EVS system and hooked an edit suite into the EVS. All the connectivity to remote locations was fibre based which provided us with the added bonus of quicker rig and de-rig times and better quality audio which was crystal clear and completely hum free. In fact Dorna Sports SL, the Spanish production company, said it was the best in circuit audio of any MotoGP event.” Videocraft also integrated Axis Films’ Tricaster system and supplied the latest RTS Telex ADAM-M intercom system which along with Dante media networking provided the IP-based comms and audio. Alongside these was a Yamaha CL1 audio desk. Maloney added, “There were so many good things about this OB truck and the facilities Videocraft provided. Their audio setup gave us great flexibility and made it easy to create custom audio mixes. The fact that it was all digital also preserved the audio quality irrespective of distance or location. They also used an excellent Lawo VPro8 audio video processor which allowed us to easily marry any audio into the video signals and back out again.” Being responsible for MotoGP Big Screen coverage is a very big responsibility with many challenges, which according to Maloney is why he was very careful in his choice of OB truck and provider. He added, “I’ve watched Videocraft MD James Taylor build that truck over the last six months and I’ve been very impressed. He has chosen the best equipment available and critically made sure it turned up ready, configured and able to cope with anything we threw at it. The fact that the truck is fibre and IP-based is a big bonus. We use MediorNet Fibre Backbone which James, like all the other parts of the puzzle such as MADI and Lawo, had no problem integrating and overall the truck and its interconnectivity capabilities are very impressive. For MotoGP we have many varied signals that have to be sent to many people and we have to interface with Dorna Sports. This takes much knowledge and expertise, all of which come in bundles with Videocraft and their truck. Dorna have very specific, unique audio embedding requirements which, again, were no problem for Videocraft. In addition we have to meet the incredibly high quality standards set down by the Australian GP Corporation so only the very best will do.” As far as Tim Maloney is concerned not only did he choose the right truck and equipment partner but the whole experience raised the bar again in terms of production values. Maloney concluded, “James Taylor treats every job like it’s his own. He quite clearly cares more about providing the best solution for his clients than anything else. This is rare in this industry and I commend him highly for his approach. MotoGP is the biggest job of the year for Axis Films and as a result of the success of this year’s event I have already booked Videocraft and their OB truck for next year. I can honestly say we now have exactly what we need, a luxurious production environment in a state of the art OB truck that makes the entire production smooth, seamless and look great.” For more on Axis Films go to: http://www.axisfilms.com.au For more on the Australian MotoGP go to: http://www.motogp.com.au