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Videocraft Demonstrates the Latest in Mobile Production at SMPTE 2015

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June 24, 2015 2:38:04 PM PDT June 24, 2015 2:38:04 PM PDTth, June 24, 2015 2:38:04 PM PDT
At this year’s SMPTE Videocraft will demonstrate just how flexible mobile broadcasting, editing and production can be with their powerful mobile production solutions. Alongside the recently introduced Mobile Production Centre (MPC) truck, brand new at SMPTE 2015 will be Videocraft’s latest addition to their live production arsenal, the new 4K ready Videocraft FlyPack demonstrating its flexibility and power for the most demanding projects. The new FlyPack will have the expanded digital workflow capabilities synonymous with all Videocraft production systems, coupled with the best of high bandwidth IP and current SDI technologies. SMPTE 2015 also marks the introduction of Videocraft’s new 4K live production camera systems, based around the acclaimed Sony PMW-F55 digital cinematography camera. The Sony CA4000 fibre camera adapter and BPU 4000 Baseband Video Processor allow the F55 to be used as a full facility studio/OB camera, in both 4K and HD production. These new systems are complemented by significant upgrades in lenses, including the new Canon CN50x20 IASH PL 50-1000mm super telephoto PL zoom. The new F55 4K systems complement Videocraft’s new fleet of HDC-2400 cameras, which will also be on display. Videocraft’s versatile MPC truck will be on display for the first time at SMPTE 2015, showing its powerful live production capability, with the latest EVS and Avid workflows on display. Its compact footprint, comfortable production space and high quality equipment make it a compelling solution for any production needing big truck performance on a small truck budget. SMPTE 2015 will also be the stage where Videocraft demonstrates its expertise in integrating Avid systems in live television, with the latest Media Composer, Interplay and ISIS systems all tightly integrated in to the broadcast workflow. All in all Videocraft will be presenting SMPTE attendees a comprehensive hybrid broadcasting and production solution with external control facilities and the MPC truck at its core. Videocraft’s MPC truck and new FlyPack are both true extensions of what the company has made a name for itself in – creating total production workflows that tie all facets of production together to create a better result. The Videocraft MPC has a proven track record in combining all of the elements of production with smart, IT-centric connectivity that allows easy expansion and connectivity for external equipment and providers. The new FlyPack extends on this model for larger productions to cater for the largest digital live production requirements, even including total interconnectivity between the MPC and FlyPack for the most complex requirements. This easy expansion and smart connectivity is all based around the latest in IP and fibre technology, ensuring a high quality, lightweight and fast setup.