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Videocraft Expands RTS Talkback Fleet with First Omneo System in Australia

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February 5, 2014 7:25:30 PM PST February 5, 2014 7:25:30 PM PSTth, February 5, 2014 7:25:30 PM PST
Videocraft has expanded their already extensive talkback fleet with the latest RTS ADAM-M matrix and also become the first company in Australia to purchase and integrate the matrix with the advanced OMNEO media networking architecture, courtesy of Magna Systems and Engineering. Videocraft Sales Director James Taylor said, “We purchased an OMNEO OMI-32 card for the ADAM-M frame and OKI cards for our KP-32 keypanels to interconnect them via IP to the frame. We also purchased these cutting edge products as they integrate seamlessly with our Audinate Dante™ audio systems allowing us to offer multi-channel digital audio in and out over a standard CAT-5 cable. This significantly speeds up the deployment time for any comms system as it makes us up to sixty percent faster on installation.” OMNEO is a media networking architecture for professional applications. Using standard IP Ethernets, media products that integrate OMNEO can be assembled into networks of two to ten thousand cooperating devices that exchange studio-quality synchronised multi-channel audio and share common control systems. OMNEO’s media transport technology is Audinate’s Dante™, a high-performance, standards-based, routable IP media transport system. OMNEO’s system control technology is based on an Open Control Architecture (OCA) which is an open public standard for the control and monitoring of professional media networks. The new RTS ADAM OMNEO interface cards transform the ADAM intercom system into a flexible, IP-based, AVB-compatible intercom network.Taylor added, “The ADAM-M OMNEO system is incredibly powerful and flexible and suits the many and varied talkback installations we undertake. The system is also futureproofed as it has significant room to expand this single 3RU ADAM-M frame up to a 256 x 256 matrix using the new IP OMI+ cards.”The RTS ADAM-M matrix provides a convenient compact unit where a large number of ports are required and space is at a premium. The design provides 128+ (256 with OMI+ cards) ports in 3RU, with full redundancy on the master controllers and power supplies. The matrix frame supports all current ADAM cards, including new OMI+, AIO-16, RVON-16, MADI-16 Plus, DBX, TriBus and MCII-e controllers and also supports existing ADAM wiring schemes and options. The chassis is built with low noise cooling, hot-swappable components including cooling modules and comprehensive status reporting.Magna Systems Product Specialist Lucas Bohm said, “Videocraft are a very forward-thinking company and the fact that they have purchased the first ADAM-M OMNEO system in Australia is testament to that fact.”