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Videocraft Helps Build New And Improved Post Box

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September 6, 2009 12:31:59 PM PDT September 6, 2009 12:31:59 PM PDTth, September 6, 2009 12:31:59 PM PDT
Boutique Sydney based post house Post Box has been growing, upgrading and adding new editing capabilities with the help of Videocraft. Post Box Managing Director Aaron Petersen said, “We started with fairly humble beginnings but that didn’t stop Videocraft helping us get set up with our first Mac based edit suite running Avid’s Media Composer. Videocraft’s MD James Taylor really set the benchmark in terms of service and support. He was super helpful right from day one.” Post Box traditionally handle long form projects but also have a string of successful TVCs and corporate videos on their ever growing reel. Petersen continued, “We are currently working on two big Australian series, The Great Australian Doorstep and On the Edge. We’ve also just completed an Astra Award winning Max Masters special on Coldplay, The Telstra Road to Tamworth special and the latest TVC for Aussie Home Loans. In order to properly manage all these projects and ones we have lined up we again turned to Videocraft to supply us with the right solutions to keep up with our growth Petersen consulted on his every growing requirements with Videocraft’s NSW Sales Manager for Post Production Rob Floro who said, “Post Box have experienced year on year growth for quite a while now. We initially supplied them an Avid Adrenaline system with Media Composer which was a major piece of kit at the time. Aaron and his team quickly needed an upgrade so we installed the first Avid Symphony system in Australia. Most recently we supplied and installed the latest Avid Unity shared storage system. Post Box now have a very efficient set up that easily handles all formats.” Designed specifically for storing, accessing, and sharing media in collaborative workgroup environments, Videocraft have integrated the Avid Unity solution seamlessly into Post Box’s production processes delivering them real-time, high-resolution media to their creative workstations. Aaron Petersen added, “We now have 3 full-time editing suites and a graphics suite all linked via the Avid Unity. Media Composer is the backbone of our editing solution and the Unity was needed to allow all our suites to talk to each other. Quite frankly we are flogging it, cutting the On the Edge series in all 3 suites and tripling our productivity. In addition the Avid Unity is giving us very stable performance in a demanding environment. It’s easy to administer and is flexible and scalable. Our Avids are great ‘core cutters’, they edit really well and playout with very little rendering and fuss.” Petersen has recently expanded the company opening a second studio in Central NSW, Post Box Central. Again he turned to Videocraft for the initial studio set up. He explained, “We’ve adopted the same approach as we have at Post Box in Sydney, small, boutique and well equipped. Thus we spoke to Rob and the Videocraft team and bought a Mac Tower with Media Composer, Sony EX3 camera, Dedo lighting system and a range of mics and production equipment. In typical Videocraft fashion they helped us choose the right solution, were particularly helpful and dealt with any technical issues almost immediately. In challenging financial times I can’t speak highly enough of the Videocraft team and their approach. We are fortunate enough to be expanding our company and it has been made very much easier by our ongoing relationship with Videocraft.”