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Videocraft Helps Coldplay Play in Sydney For Southern Cross Austereo Live Streaming VIP Gig

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February 11, 2013 3:12:43 PM PST February 11, 2013 3:12:43 PM PSTth, February 11, 2013 3:12:43 PM PST
When one of the world’s biggest bands is invited to do a VIP gig in your hometown as part of a world tour according to Videocraft NSW State Manager Any Liell, the production has to be nothing short of perfect. Liell explained, “Recently Coldplay were scheduled to play an intimate VIP gig for 2DayFM Southern Cross Austereo (SCA) at Trackdown Studios and Craig Borg, SCA’s Technical Production Manager called Videocraft to help with the video side of the production. Was this something we had done successfully countless times before? Yes. Were we just a little bit nervous as it was one of the most successful bands of recent times known for their immaculate production values? Maybe just a little.” Borg outlined SCA’s requirements for the production which included multi-camera coverage for the live web stream through SCA’s website plus a very quick turnaround into edit for news packages. “That was the first thing we had to make sure was airtight”, continued Liell, “The gig was live to air so it was clear we needed traditional OB-type redundancies in place. Then SCA needed a sixty second news cut and a tidied up programme cut to be put up on their website within minutes of the event finishing. There was only one way to achieve this and that was to use an EVS-based solution.” With the speed and high profile of the gig Liell and Borg agreed that an EVS-based solution was the only one available to them that would take care of all the production’s tight requirements with the least possibility of failure or error. SCA’s Vision Production Manager Craig Borg explained, “We had five streams of HD video from five Sony HDC-1500 cameras plus a programme stream that had to be captured onto the EVS XS server, then pushed off via an EVS IP Director onto our on site Avid Media Composer system in record time; and I’m delighted to say that it was. At the end of a 40-minute set we had all 6 streams in full HD on our storage system ready to edit within moments. In fact four of the streams were instantly available and the remaining two were available a few minutes later. It was a very successful and very efficient production thanks to Videocraft and the EVS.” Directing the band’s coverage at the gig was Jakub Jacko who added, “Videocraft provided all of the technical equipment and logistics for the live coverage of the performance. We treated it as we would any broadcast event for which I have fairly exacting standards and Videocraft delivered a very professional result and a very capable team. Having a broadcast mentality regardless of distribution chain means high quality production values and standards. The team was flexible, professional and easily able to manage all the spontaneous requirements that came up.” The Videocraft production also featured their highly successful Videocraft FlyPack which is based around the Panasonic AV-HS450 vision switcher and Videocraft also purpose built a TD station using Sony OLED monitoring and provided onsite technical assistance for the entire gig. Craig Borg concluded, “Let’s be honest, it’s Coldplay so the gig had to be first class and I’m happy to say it was. Videocraft really do excel at this type of production and nothing is too hard or too much trouble. They are efficient and great to work with but I do have to say that in this instance their turnaround time to edit was so good and so fast that it really warrants another special mention all to itself.”