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Videocraft makes a Bolt for Shine and The Voice

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June 4, 2014 6:15:21 PM PDT June 4, 2014 6:15:21 PM PDTth, June 4, 2014 6:15:21 PM PDT
Recently Shine Australia had an opportunity to purchase additional wireless camera links due to a large number of simultaneous multi-camera productions, all requiring reliable, cable free video transmission from camera to monitoring. Looking to expand their existing wireless kits the innovative production company turned to Videocraft and the Teradek Bolt Pro 2000 zero delay wireless video transmission system. Shine Australia Technical Services Manager Nick Parker explained, “We wanted the system to be license free, long range, simple to setup, HD and compact. Working with Videocraft we were able to get an advanced shipment of four Bolt Pro 2000 units before the worldwide release. I had been watching all the developments of the Bolt Pro 2000 and having used Teradek products in the past it was natural to be confident in the Teradek brand.” Due to the success of the initial four Bolt Pro 2000s Shine Australia ultimately purchased five units.Parker continued, “For The Voice we successfully used the Bolt Pro 2000s with four XDCAM PDW800 cameras and tested a 150 metre point-to-point outdoor link at Fox Studios. During the most recent series of So You Think You Can Dance Australia we were able to rig the Steadicam wireless teleprompter which became the most reliable wireless prompt we have ever used on a weekly basis. I’ve have used several wireless platforms and the Bolt Pro 2000s have worked well every time. It is a very neat, well-made package with a tiny transmitter. Anyone that’s used the Bolt Pro 2000s so far has been happy with the link on the cameras compared to other links.”The Teradek Bolt Pro 2000 with its 3G-SDI connections, support for 1080p60 and a range of over 600 metres is fast becoming the new standard in license-free professional wireless 5GHz video transmission.Nick Parker concluded, “I have seen comparable results to the other popular 5GHz system on the market and the Bolt Pro 2000 is a fraction of the price and size. Working in the 5GHz band means we are license exempt allowing us to run several links without the need to get licenses for each link. Videocraft and Teradek have been great throughout the process of getting to know the product, we have been able to share knowledge on what the Bolt Pro 2000s can do and put it in real environments, not just a lab. Teradek’s support has been excellent, we logged a few minor bugs with the system as we were early adopters and Teradek have responded with fixes on all of these issues. Working with a vendor like Videocraft is a natural choice as they are up to speed with the products, have the latest rental kit and support is only a phone call away.”