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Videocraft Provides Camera Equipment For Shoot In Philippines Mines

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March 6, 2011 8:04:48 PM PST March 6, 2011 8:04:48 PM PSTth, March 6, 2011 8:04:48 PM PST
According to Brian Shirley, one of the founding partners of The Shirley Spectra, one of Australia’s more unique communications companies, the camera equipment he rented from Videocraft for a recent shoot in the Philippines performed extremely well under the severest conditions. Shirley said, “We got a gig shooting footage of some mines in the Philippines to be used in a series of corporate videos. This involved capturing footage on the island of Mindanao and an incredibly hectic schedule. So we went to Videocraft and discussed our best options with Rentals Manager Nick Gleeson. We all agreed the Sony PDW700 XDCAM HD would be the best camera for the job as it captures stunning HD images and is very reliable.” Sony PDW700 and PDWF800 XDCAM HD cameras have become the defacto replacement for the Digital BETACAM and HDCAM formats in Australia with over 400 units sold to broadcasters and freelancers nationwide. The format is widely used and accepted for a diverse range of SD and HD TV productions. Shirley continued, “The Sony PDW700 proved to be very reliable, easy to use, good at low light, easily configured to shoot NTSC 1920 x 1080 and came with a good selection of lenses. We were a 2-man crew - cameraman and director – and had to get as many images as we could whilst we had available light which on mine sites, drilling sites, in forests, plantations, schools and rivers was quite a challenge but the PDW700 coped very well indeed and performed wonderfully.” Since its establishment in 1974, The Shirley Spectra has created a unique range of communications products for a variety of Australian companies and institutions. It is a full-service communications company, providing concepts, research, scripting, production, event design, staging, technical facilities and automation, creative direction and client service over a diverse range of products. Videocraft NSW Rentals Manager Nick Gleeson said, “Videocraft rental cameras also have proven themselves in many varied shooting situations, including extreme heat, humidity and cold environments. Our policy is to help our clients with exactly what they need in the most comprehensive way possible – especially if they are taking the kit overseas. In this instance, with some advance planning, everything went very smoothly and I’m delighted Brian and his team were so pleased with the results.” Brian Shirley concluded, “When you’re a 2-man team bouncing around from place to place in a 4WD you need all the help you can get and thanks to Nick (Gleeson) and the team at Videocraft we were as well prepared as we could have been for this shoot. Videocraft really were excellent. The camera was pre-configured exactly as required, support material was supplied and their technical support, when required, was terrific.”