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Videocraft recognised as a Victorian finalist in the 2015 City Switch Awards

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December 8, 2015 12:37:12 PM PST December 8, 2015 12:37:12 PM PSTth, December 8, 2015 12:37:12 PM PST
Videocraft Melbourne was named a finalist in the 2015 Victorian State City Switch Awards. All three offices of Videocraft in Melbourne Sydney and Canberra have been signatories of the City Switch program since 2013. This is the second year in a row that Videocraft Melbourne have been a finalist in the City Switch Awards and in the last year alone we have made some great steps towards a greener office and great energy savings!

o Lighting - Changed 98% of our lighting to LED lights and we expect a 14187 kWh reduction in energy use for the upcoming year.

o Heating and Cooling - we adjusted temperatures of our appliances to be more energy efficient.

o All our staff have been involved in an ongoing switch off campaign

o Waste management - we have implemented more recycling. by organising not only paper recycling but also organised recycling for plastics, glass and cans.

    CitySwitch signatories are part of a vision to positively influence widespread market transformation within the business community in relation to office energy and waste efficiency. CitySwitch is proud to recognise signatories through its annual Awards initiative. The CitySwitch National Awards showcase signatories that have demonstrated outstanding environmental leadership, with recognition provided to those who have improved, maintained or achieved their NABERS Energy tenancy and have reported significant energy savings. Signatories are judged at a state level across a number of categories, with winners from each state going into the running for National awards for Signatory of the Year, New Signatory of the Year and Partnership of the Year. Award events are held in each participating CitySwitch capital city, celebrating state winners and these end of year events are also an opportunity to hear about the collective program achievements, showcase those signatories that have reached a 4 star (and above) energy rating and come together with fellow business leaders.  

What is CitySwitch?

The need for Australia’s business community to lower their exposure to energy pricing impacts and shift their focus to progressively more efficient and sustainable operations has never been more apparent. CitySwitch has a key role to play in addressing our carbon impact and supporting the business sectors’ transition to a global low-carbon economy.
CitySwitch is a high-value no-cost service which supports commercial office tenants to improve office energy and waste efficiency through the provision of a range of services, with the ultimate aim of achieving a 4 star or higher NABERS Energy rating.
The program aims to:
  • educate and inspire with a respected event series and through the provision of toolkits, workbooks, case studies and site tours.
  • facilitate links to other programs, information sources, industry bodies and communities of interest by identifying the market expertise that Signatories might need in order to build corporate capacity, systems and comply with evolving legislative requirements.
  • signpost to incentives and financial vehicles that are available to expedite the uptake of energy efficiency investments.
  • celebrate and reward environmental leadership and achievement though its annual awards and ongoing member promotions in order to create competitive advantage for its signatories wherever possible.
This structured approach to planning and implementing energy and waste efficiency projects, saves signatories time and money and helps build their internal capacity to embed sustainability within their corporate structure.