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Videocraft Review of the Sony LAFZB1 Adapter

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June 17, 2014 6:08:16 PM PDT June 17, 2014 6:08:16 PM PDTth, June 17, 2014 6:08:16 PM PDT
Videocraft Review: Sony LAFZB1 Adapter from Videocraft Australia on Vimeo. Andy Liell from our NSW office reviews the Sony LAFZB1 adapter in this video. While not the first adapter of its kind, it improves upon other designs by integrating with the PMW F5 and F55 cameras, providing a streamlined and easy to use package in the field. For instance, power is derived from the F5/F55 lens mount and provided to the lens via a built-in 12 pin hirose connector, which means there is no need for breakout cables or external batteries. It also enables the passing of lens information and ALAC chromatic aberration correction. Using the adapter to mount B4 mount 2/3" lenses to the F5 and F55 is an excellent way upgrade to a Super35mm sensor camera, without having to invest in PL mount zooms. Andy talks you through the features along with the pros and cons of using 2/3" glass on a super35mm sensor. Videocraft Test: LAFZB1 Lens Tests from Videocraft Australia on Vimeo. In this accompanying video, we show the results of our lens tests shot with the Sony LAFZB1 adapter and a number of popular Canon 2/3" lenses such as the HJ14, HJ22 and HJ40. Using a Fujinon Cabrio as a reference, each lens was shot against a high contrast chart, then focus was racked back and forth across the focus point to demonstrate the effects of chromatic aberration at various focal lengths. Each test was then repeated with the X2 extender engaged. At the end of the video, a split screen shows how each lens compared to the Cabrio in terms of image sharpness, contrast and resolving power.

by Michael Curwood