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View the short films from the Panasonic EVA1

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September 20, 2017 3:56:29 PM PDT September 20, 2017 3:56:29 PM PDTth, September 20, 2017 3:56:29 PM PDT
If you haven't yet had the chance to review the short films from the Panasonic YouTube Channel - have a look, if you have been reading the never-ending posts on social media - we have to take into consideration that YouTube compresses the files for us to view them over the web - hopefully we will get the opportunity to watch on the big screen here in Australia - a question for the guys at Panasonic Australia who have also been working on some local content as well - which will be interesting to see. If these videos have cemented your thoughts on this is the next camera to have in your hands then why not make sure you are one of the first and pre-order at Videocraft online  

Short film "Radio 88" shot on EVA1 by Johnny Derango | Panasonic

Shot entirely on EVA1, the short film "Radio 88" by Johnny Derango is a stunning illustration of the camera's features and capabilities. Panasonic developed the digital cinema camera with Dual Native ISO and 5.7K Super 35mm for a unique, high-quality filmmaking experience. Discover how the camera works in different extreme situations, while enjoying the thrilling story, which will make you ask yourself: Will she or won't she?


Short film "Near to Superstition" shot on EVA1 by Elle Schneider | Panasonic

Sit back and enjoy watching "Near the Superstition", a short film demonstrating the top-class imagery of an EVA1 production. Director of Photography Elle Schneider shot the western in the Mojave National Preserve, where the digital cinema camera captured high-quality footage in extraordinary weather and lighting conditions. No matter the circumstances, the newly-developed Panasonic camera utilizing Dual Native ISO and 5.7K Super 35mm ensures a truly cinematic experience in visual storytelling.


First Official EVA1 Footage | Panasonic

Explore exclusive cinematic images - shot on EVA1. Panasonic's newly-developed digital video camera combines high quality technology and a lightweight, compact design, ensuring flexibility and professionalism in every filmmaking situation. Director of Photography Filippo Chiesa. Colour grading done by Frédéric Savoir, Amazing Digital Studios. Witness the magnificence of colours, the accuracy of skin tones and the overall cinema-style acquisition.

  or alternatively you can watch similar scenes with the grading done by the DOP Filippo Chiesa if you are looking to comment on these pieces of work there are plenty of users groups on Facebook and other forums that include a lot of discussion.