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Canon CN7X17 cine-servo lens (PL version)

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Canon CN7X17 cine-servo lens (PL version)


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The CN7x17 KAS S offers stunning 4K camera-compatible optical performance and covers a very broad focal length range of 17mm to 120mm. In addition, the lens can be operated through broadcast lens standard controllers and also used as a cinema lens with full manual operation by detaching the drive unit from the lens.

New Era, New Concept

Canon is introducing a new concept lens called CINE-SERVO CN7x17 KAS S to the market. The CN7x17 KAS S was developed by integrating the best aspects of broadcast zoom lenses and EF Cinema Lenses.The CN7X17 meets the growing demand for lenses that can achieve excellent optical performance; are suitable for shooting off the shoulder when carrying a large-format camera and are compatible with broadcast lens controllers.

4K camera-compatible stunning optical performance

The CN7x17 KAS S features high resolution from the center to the perimeter of the image and delivers a high-grade, 4K camera-compatible optical performance throughout the zoom range. The lens makes use of wide-diameter aspherical lenses and other optical material technologies, incorporating with cutting-edge simulation technology to achieve optimal optical configuration and correct various aberrations. Furthermore, the latest coating technology is used to minimize the occurrence of ghosting and flare.

Broad Focal Length Range

The CN7x17 KAS S offers outstanding 4K camera-compatible optical performance and at the same time covers a very broad focal length range of 17mm at the widest angle to 120mm telephoto. With just this lens, you can expand your creative possibilities for image expression.


Support For Industry Standard Accessories

The lens can be used with standard accessories in the cinema industry, such as a matte box, follow focus gear systems, and electronically operated controllers. The focus ring is equipped with 0.8mm and 0.5mm gear modules and the zoom ring is equipped with a 0.5mm gear module, and these make it possible to use the lens with standard accessories in the cinema industry. (The iris ring is equipped with a 0.4mm gear module.)

Lens Communication

CN7x17 KAS S EF-mount lens communicates via an electrical contact when using with a cameras of CINEMA EOS SYSTEM, which enables effective handling of shooting conditions through storing lens data such as zoom position when that picture was shot, as well as other EF Cinema Lens series (Compact Zoom Lens and Prime Lens series). The EF-mount lens will enable to automatically correct pictures by upgrading firmware of the camera. •CN7x17 KAS S PL-mount lens is compatible with Cooke’s /i Technology, which enables transmission of focus, zoom, and iris position data as well as the lens model name so that the camera and editing equipment can display and store the lens information, which further enhances the convenience factor. •Furthermore, the lens is provided with the standard 12-pin interface connector that is used in the broadcast industry. Therefore, the lens can perform the same type of communications as conventional broadcast portable lenses, such as transmission of focus, zoom, and iris position data as well as remote-controlled operation of the iris.

11 Blade Aperture

The lens is equipped with multiple blades that make the aperture diaphragm rounder and achieves a soft and natural blur effect. It has also adopted an odd number of blades so that the beams of received light spreads and creates a soft and elegant beam of light when optimal focus is achieved.

Mount PL
Focal Length 17-120mm
Zoom Ratio 7x
Max Relative Aperture (T-number)

1:2.95 at 17-91mm
1:3.9 at 120mm

Iris Blades  11
Angle of View
1.9:1 26.2 ×13.8mm

75.2゜× 44.2゜
12.5゜× 6.6゜
M.O.D (from  front of lens)

92.1 × 48.5cm at 17mm
12.7 × 6.7cm at 120mm

 Front Diameter
 Ø 114mm
Approx size (W x H x L)  114 x 125 x 210mm
Weight  2.9kg

174.2 × 125.0 × 254.9mm
6.86 × 4.92 × 10.04in.

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