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Chrosziel Baseplate Kit for Sony FS7 with Matte Box and Follow Focus

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Chrosziel Baseplate Kit for Sony FS7 with Matte Box and Follow Focus


Main Features:

  • 15mm Lightweight System

  • Baseplate has Integrated Shoulder Mount

  • 15mm Rods Included

  • Includes Follow Focus

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The Chrosziel Matte Box and Baseplate Kit is an expandable studio and shoulder rig for the Sony FS7 camcorder. Included is a 15mm LWS baseplate with 15mm rods, which is height-adjusted and shaped for the FS7, so it can fit properly with the 450W-20 Super-Wide Matte Box. The baseplate also has a built-in shoulder pad for handheld filming, if you choose add handheld shooting accessories in the future. The included Dual Stage matte box includes rubber donut inserts to take a variety of stills and cine lenses. A top flag to prevent ghosting and lens flares is also included with the matte box. To round out the rig, a follow focus is also included along with the appropriate drive gears to use them with standard mod 0.8 lenses. While functional on its own, this rig can serve as a jumping-off point to mounting other optional accessories such as lens supports, motors, and handles, to create your own custom rig that fits your workflow. See below for more information on the individual items.
  • Chrosziel 450-R21 Dual Stage Matte Box


    The Chrosziel 450-R21 Dual Stage Matte Box easily fits onto industry standard 15mm support rods and perfectly meets the requirements of shooting with compact camcorders and DSLR cameras, allowing you the ability to have greater control of light angles and lens flare. This matte box offers a double rotating filter stage, a 16:9 mask, two filter holders (one that can accept 4 x 4 and another that can be adjusted accepting 4 x 5.65" and 4 x 4" glass filters), a French flag, and pivot mechanism for side wings (sold separately). The Chrosziel 450-R21 Dual Stage Matte Box also includes a bracket for 15mm support rods, and a cover end plate with thread 114 + 110mm.


    French Flag
    Controls the angle of light and eliminates lens glare and flare and can be coupled with optional side wings for accurate light adjustment.
  • AC-450-20 Flex-Ring Flexible Step-Down Ring (110:75-98mm)


    The Chrosziel AC-450-20 Flexi-Ring Flexible Step-Down Ring is a 110:75-98mm adjustable step-down ring. The ring is designed to work with their MB-450 series of mattebox and will fit a variety of wideangle attachment lenses.


    Compatible with MB-450 mattebox system for wideangle attachment lenses between 75-98mm.
    Flexible material makes it easily adjustable.
  • DV StudioRig Follow Focus Kit


    Chrosziel's DV StudioRig Follow Focus Kit is a follow focus kit and comes with a scale for one-side-operation and is for lenses with 110mm diameter (measured with gear drive not included).

    Precise gears with practically no play at a very affordable price. A single lock for rod and extension clamp makes changing of lenses quick. Hand wheel with fine-structured surface for save grip. The scale is easy to change and the reference marking is adjustable for the operator or the assistant. Gear drives and gear rings for the different lenses ensure precise adjustments and can be mounted without tool on both sides of the gear unit.

    The VariLock 2 feature of the Rigs now allows both since the range of rotation is fully variable for any selectable limit. The red stopper marks infinity or any other distance and the blue one the second focal plane or the nearest lens setting. By unlocking the two variable end stops the hand wheel turns unlimited.


  • 206-12 Focus Gear Drive (0.8 Gear Pitch)


    The Chrosziel 206-12 is a 0.8 gear pitch focus gear drive for Chrosziel's 206-01S follow focus system. It features standard 0.8 pitch gearing for use with cine-style lenses.


  • Lightweight Shoulder Support for Sony PXW-FS7


    The Lightweight Shoulder Support for Sony PXW-FS7 from Chrosziel is a slim baseplate, shoulder mount, and rod support system for the Sony FS7. It features an ergonomic shoulder pad, which is adjustable forwards and backwards for personalized comfort, and a V-lock mounting interface for attachment to optional tripod plates, such as the Sony VCT-14. ARRI compatible rosettes on each side of the Lightweight Support are provided for attaching the FS7's right handle and an optional left-sided rosette handle or accessory. Additionally, there are LWS 15mm rod ports that accept a pair of included 8-inch long rods, which are useful for attaching accessories such as a follow focus or matte box. For rear 15mm rod support, a separately-available rear rod clamp can be added.


    Key Features
    • 15mm baseplate
    • Adjustable shoulder pad
    • ARRI-compatible Hirth rosettes for handgrip attachment
    • 8" 15mm rod pair included, threaded to accept optional extension rods
    • Multiple screw points for secure camera attachment
    • V-lock for mounting to v-lock tripod plates
    • Optional cheese plate adapter
    • Optional rear rod clamp
    • Lightweight at 26.3 oz
Chrosziel 450-R21 Dual Stage Matte Box
Lens Fit and Mount Clamp Adapter
Type Standard With French Flag
Filter Type 4 x 5.65" and 4 x 4" Glass
Total Filter Stages Two
Rotating Stages Two
Dimensions (WxHxD) Not Specified
Weight Not Specified
Chrosziel 450-R21 Dual Stage Matte Box
  • 16:9 Insert Mask
  • French Flag
  • 4 x 4" Rotating Filterstage
  • 4 x 4"/4 x 5.65" Rotating Filterstage
  • 1 Year Warranty
AC-450-20 Flex-Ring Flexible Step-Down Ring (110:75-98mm)
  • 1-Year Warranty
DV StudioRig Follow Focus Kit
  • 205-02 Handwheel Marking Scale - For DV Follow Focus System
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty
206-12 Focus Gear Drive (0.8 Gear Pitch)
  • 1 Year Warranty
Lightweight Shoulder Support for Sony PXW-FS7
    2 x
  • 401-01-04 15mm Individual Rod [205mm length]
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

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