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  • Does this unit come with stand & Case ?

    This unit comes with a 5/8" Female Stand Fitting and a case for the light

  • What on-camera lights would you recommend with the HXRMC1500P?

    The Cineroid range of lights use the same L-series battery as the HXRMC1500P and many other Sony cameras, making them the ideal choice for on-camera lighting. The Cineroid light comes in two kits: the L2C which includes a battery and charger, or the L10C which contains the light only. Cineroid lights can be found on our website by clicking this link: http://www.videocraft.com.au/catalogsearch/result/?q=cineroid

  • Are the Arri LoCaster LED Lights able to work off battery power ?

    Yes, the ARRI Locaster will run off batteries, as it has an external 11-36 Volt DC input on XLR and power consumption is 35W. However, you will need a battery adapter to 4 pin XLR, and you will need a high capacity battery designed for the power consumption of the light fixture. V-Lock style batteries, as what we would normally use for broadcast camcorders or digital cinema cameras would be fine. So, there are lots of choices for running off batteries, but all of the options will be external to the light fixture.

  • Would this Philips EME P2/11 800W 240V fit a Lowel Tota light? The Lowel website lists the codes EMD and EMF. What is the difference?

    Yes, the 800W EME bulb will fit a Lowel Tota lamp. The Lowel lamp guide for the Tota light,  found here, references several bulbs that can potentially fit a Tota light. Most are 120V versions, including the EMD.

    The 240V EMF bulb is a frosted glass version of the the EME which is clear glass. The frosted glass yields slightly softer light with a perceptably lower output when compared to the clear EME.