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  • Hi there,We bought Decklink Mini Monitor for our product development.We want to test whether this PCI card is working or not?Is there a way to test the device whether it is working or not without Recorder?

    Hello Jenifer

    You will need a display device like an SDI monitor or an HDMI TV to test whether the Blackmagic Design Decklink Mini Monitor is working correctly.

  • How do you enter the script you want this teleprompter to scroll for you?

    The Promp-It Maxi Teleprompter is merely a reflection glass setup, and requires a screen, commonly the Ipad with an app placed on the base to reflect the scrolling text. The camera is setup behind the glass to record the subject. 

    The manufacturer recommended app is the Teleprompt+ by Bombing Brain

  • Does the Sony 47" Slim Pro LCD Monitor come in a transportation case and can this case be checked as baggage?

    The transport case we use is designed to hold up to two 47" monitors. It's measurements are 90 x 155 x 55cm so it is not designed to be checked as baggage on a commercial flight and would need to be air-freighted.