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Tripods & Supports

  • Will the Miller Arrow 25 with solo legs be stiff enough to hold something like a Sony F5 when panning ?

    The 1793 Miller Arrow 25  can hold up to 25 pounds or 11Kg comfortably, so it’s dependent on your setup. I would suggest weighing the setup, including lens etc and based on that make the decision.


    The next step up would be the Miller 1690 Arrow 40 2 Stage System which would hold up to 18 kg or 40 pounds.

  • Will Ikan Gimbal Stabiliser work with a sony a7s lens is sony zeis fe 4/16-35

    The Ikan MS1 can support up to 860 grams of camera, The combined weight of the A7S and 16-35mm lens is 1007 grams which is overweight for the MS1 gymball.


    You may like to consider purchasing a different lens such as the SEL35F18 35mm F1.8 OSS prime lens This lens has a weight of 154 grams. And would get the camera/lens weight within spec.


    Alternatively, the Ikan DS1 Gimbal can hold up to 1.6Kg, which would carry the A7s and the Lens.


  • Which Miller tripod and fluid head would be suitable for a Sony PXWFS5? I am considering the Miller Compass Solo 15 carbon fibre (1833) or the Miller DS10 Solo carbon fibre (1511)

    The numbers on Miller tripods denote the payload capacity in pounds. A PXWFS5K weighs 2.5kg. It works fine on our Miller Air and everything up to a Miller Compass 20

  • Does the Miller Compass 23 System include a head ?

    Yes, a Miller Compass 23 Fluid Head is included in the system, along a set of 3 475 Rubber Feet Pads, 993 Mid-level Spreader, 870 Arrow Soft Case and a Pan Handle.