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Rental Application FAQS Melbourne

  • Should I use the Business Use or Personal Use Form?
    If you do not have an ABN or ACN then select the option ‘personal use’. Please fill in all fields in the form.

  • Why do I need to provide references?
    This is a requirement of our insurance company. Please provide 3 references which cannot include family members. Preferably provide details of other businesses you trade with on a regular basis, including business name, the contact person and their phone number. We will call them to ask about your trading history with them. If you are applying under business use, you must provide 3 business references including contact names and phone numbers for the person you deal with at each business. Again we need to check these references prior to renting to you. Failure to supply 3 usable references and details will delay processing of your rental application.

  • Why would I need to supply authorisation for my runner to pick up my gear?
    On the rental application form there is a section called “PERSONS AUTHORISED TO COLLECT ON YOUR BEHALF or PERSONS AUTHORISED TO COLLECT ON BEHALF OF THE COMPANY”. If you are going to authorise someone to hire or pick up on behalf of yourself or your company, you must provide to us their full name, license number, and they must provide 3 forms of ID, on collection of the equipment. See below for ID requirements.

  • Is this an application for credit?

    Please note also that the Rental Application Form is not an application for credit. We do not run accounts for rentals and all rentals are strictly COD on collection. This form is also not a booking form, and does not ensure the availability of equipment, nor is it a confirmation of a booking.

  • What forms of identification can I provide?

    On collection of equipment you will need to provide at least 3 of the following forms of identification:

    • Current Driver’s License
    • Credit card
    • Medicare card
    • Current Passport
    • Or a services bill indicating your business or residential address

    Interstate or international customers may provide scanned copies of the above, by prior arrangement, which can be emailed or faxed to the details below