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Videocraft Online Orders Verification Process


An integral part of the order processing system is the verification of the information you have given us. We use a variety of online resources to cross-reference your details.



Customer Is Called For A Verbal Confirmation


In order to create a secure, safe and pleasant on-line shopping experience, all orders placed with Videocraft Australia are verbally confirmed. You will receive a phone call on the number given with your order during ordinary working hours. Please ensure you are contactable on this phone number. If we cannot reach you on this number, we may elect to refund your payment and cancel your order.

If we cannot make contact with you, we will leave a message if such a service is available. We will also send you an email asking you to return our call.

We will not dispatch an order unless verbal confirmation is made with you. If you are an existing customer, have bought from us before or have already made contact prior to ordering online, we will not call you and will process your order promptly.



How is my Order Charged and Processed?


Our secure online ordering system is a live transaction processing system. This means that when you place an order for an item, you will be automatically charged. We verify all your details via electronic means, and may also call you for a verbal confirmation before any goods are sent to you.

You, "the customer" must be contactable on a land line at the listed delivery address or work address. Mobile phone or unlisted numbers will required further verification. We do not accept payment of credit sent via e-mail or overseas customers who have foreign credit cards.

Please note that online orders will be processed 24 hours after the order has been placed. Delivery estimates do not include the 24 hour processing window.

Due to multiple orders being placed on our website for high value items, we may add an extra step in the order process before we dispatch online orders. All online orders may be subject to a request for additional personal and / or company identification and payment method confirmation to process. The following information may be requested to proceed with your order and avoid any further delays.

1. A recent copy of your Australian Driver’s License that has not expired, which confirms your Australian Residency and also that your delivery address is correct.
2. A recent copy of an utility bill within the last three months such as electricity or council rates bill with your name and address that matches your order details
3. A copy of both the front and back of the credit card that you are using to pay for this order.

These can be faxed to our Melbourne head office for clarification on 03 9888 8522 or emailed to sales@videocraft.com.au



Payment on Collection option for Melbourne customers

This is available for Melbourne customers only. If you do not collect your order within three business days of being advised that your order is ready to collect the order will be automatically cancelled.
If the item is not in stock at the time of order you will be contacted by phone to arrange a deposit payment.



As listed in our policy section, all your details are strictly kept for Videocraft Australia purposes only. In regards to credit card details, we will use the card number provided for the immediate order placed. Unless otherwise requested or authorised by you " the customer", your card details are then permanently discarded and not stored on any database, on-line server etc. You will therefore require your credit card details for any future online purchases.


Please Note:


Due to our anti-fraud Security Features - Customers that try to place Orders from Overseas or try to use a Foreign issued Credit Cards on our website will find that their payment will not be accepted. Also Customers that use Foreign IP Address within Australia, will also find that their order Payment will be rejected. The Order status will change to "Pending Payment".

If you have an urgent need to order form overseas and/or use a foreign credit card, please call us during business hours and forward you payment details over the phone. When doing this place your order online first, choose "Payment on collection" as the payment method. Normal Security measures will also be taken to assure identity of the card holder.

We only ship within Australia. We only accept Australian issued credit cards on our website from Only within Australia.