Sony UTX-P40 Digital Wireless Plug-On Transmitter (638-694MHz)


Main Features:

  • For UWP-D Wireless Systems
  • Use with Any Handheld or Shotgun Mic
  • XLR Connector with 48V Phantom
  • 2772 Auto-Scan Frequencies with NFC

Options: PlugOn Tx | Lav Tx | Handheld TX | Dual Receiver

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The Sony UTX-P40 Digital Wireless Plug-On Transmitter (638-694MHz) is a wireless plug-on transmitter compatible with the URX-P40 camera-mount receiver. Compact and lightweight, with a robust, all-metal construction, this plug-on is well suited for tough operating conditions. It provides up to 6 hours of operation on two AA batteries, with a selectable 5/40mW RF power output and a transmission range up to 100 meters. The UTX-P40 can be attached to a handheld microphone of your choice for man-on-the-street interviews, or to a shotgun mic for wireless booming (both types of mics are available separately). The plug-on provides 48V phantom power, giving you the option to use a condenser microphone. The transmitter offers a 72 MHz bandwidth with 2772 selectable UHF frequencies.


Oscillator TypeCrystal-controlled PLL synthesizer
Carrier Frequencies14UC : 470.125 MHz to 541.875 MHz(UHF-TV channels 14 to 25)
25UC : 536.125 MHz to 607.875 MHz (UHF-TV channels 25 to 36)
42LA : 638.125 MHz to 697.875 MHz(UHF-TV channels 42 to 51)
90UC : 941.625 MHz to 951.875 MHz, 953.000 MHz to 956.125 MHz, and 956.625 MHz to 959.625 MHz
21CE : 470.025 MHz to 542.000 MHz(UHF-TV channels 21 to 29)
33CE : 566.025 MHz to 630.000 MHz(UHF-TV channels 33 to 40)
42CE : 638.025 MHz to 694.000 MHz (UHF-TV channels 42 to 48)
38CN : 710.025 MHz to 782.000 MHz(UHF-TV channels 38 to 46)
E : 794.125 MHz to 805.875 MHz
BJ : 806.125 MHz to 809.750 MHz
KR : 925.125 MHz to 937.500 MHz
RF Output Power40 mW/5 mW selectable (UC, U, LA models)
30 mW/5 mW selectable (CE, CN models)
10 mW/2 mW selectable (J, E, KR models)
Input ConnectorXLR-3-11C type (female)
Reference Audio Input Level–60 dBV (MIC input, GAIN MODE set to NORMAL, 0 dB attenuation)
Audio Attenuator Adjustment Range0 dB to 48 dB (3 dB steps)
Frequency Response23 Hz to 18 kHz (Typical) (UC, U, CE, LA, CN, E, KR models)
40 Hz to 15 kHz (Typical) (J model)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio60 dB (–60 dBV, 1 kHz input)
102 dB (GAIN MODE set to AUTO GAIN, max.)
96 dB (GAIN MODE set to NORMAL, max.)
Distortion0.9% or less (–60 dBV, 1 kHz input)
Audio DelayApprox. 0.35 ms
Tone Signal FrequencyIn UWP-D compander mode: 32.382 kHz
In UWP compander mode: 32 kHz
In WL800 compander mode: 32.768 kHz
Power RequirementsDC 3.0 V (two LR6/AA size alkaline batteries)
DC 5.0 V (supplied from USB Type-C connector)
Battery Life*During +48V OFF:
Approx. 7 hours with output power of 40 mW (UC, U, LA models)
Approx. 8 hours with output power of 30 mW (CE, CN models)
Approx. 10 hours with output power of 10 mW (J, E, KR models)
During +48V ON and ECM-673 connection:
Approx. 6 hours with output power of 40 mW (UC, U, LA models)
Approx. 6 hours with output power of 30 mW (CE, CN models)
Approx. 7 hours with output power of 10 mW (J, E, KR models)
*Battery life has been measured with two Sony LR6/AA size alkaline batteries at 25 °C (77 °F)
Operating Temperature0 °C to 50 °C (32 °F to 122 °F)
Storage/Transport Temperature–20 °C to +55 °C (–4 °F to +131 °F)
Dimensions38 × 98 × 38 mm (1 1/2 × 3 7/8 × 1 1/2 in.) (W / H / D) (including the audio input connector)
MassApprox. 139 g (4.9 oz) (excluding batteries)

What's In The Box

  • Sony UTX-P40 Digital Wireless Plug-On Transmitter (638-694MHz)
  • Soft Case

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