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Rode Rodecaster Pro and claimable Accessory Pack Promotion

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buy a rodecaster pro podcasting console online from videocraft australia and claim a free accessory pack

Claim a FREE RØDECaster Pro Accessory Pack with every Rode Rodecaster PRO purchased until 20-12-2019. Note an additional Delivery Fee applies. Pack Includes:

  • A RØDE DC-USB1 USB to DC power cable, allowing you to power your RØDECaster Pro from any compatible USB port
  • A RØDE SC9 TRRS cable for easy and reliable connection of your smartphone.
  • A set of high-quality ¼” to 3.5mm headphone adapters, for flexibility in using any type of headphone.
  • A high-quality power bank which, coupled with the power cable, allows you to use your RØDECaster Pro anywhere without having to worry about finding a power source.
  • A set of RØDE XLR-CR colour-coordinated ring tags for your microphones, so you can easily keep track of your microphone channels.

Simply register your RØDECaster Pro, fill in the details, and pay the USD$20 shipping and handling fee, Rode will send you the accessory pack within 60 days.