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Videocraft Live Production Systems

Coldplay with Austereo

You may not be aware, but Videocraft regularly provide small to large scale Outside Broadcast (OB) systems for a variety of applications. We have small simple to operate desk top systems through to systems that can cater for large multi camera events. From two cameras to 15 or more, in the past few years Videocraft has provided OB facilities for webcasts, Church conferences, live concerts, major live to air sporting events and even an Endoscopy conference! Our approach to OB systems is to take proven gear and build it into robust, failsafe and easy to use systems using our in house technicians and expertise. We understand the need for bulletproof performance especially in a live to air environment and build the redundancies in our systems accordingly. Currently all our systems are in a ‘flypack’ configuration, with purpose built road casing and production furniture. The advantages of a flypack over an OB truck are clear: We can fit into venues where a truck could not fit, and secondly we can customise the equipment on a job by job basis, rather than it being a case of ‘you get what’s in the truck’. Our desktop OB gear has been designed so someone with minimal experience can set it up and get pictures out of it, however we have engineering staff ready and waiting to come out on the job and make it happen for you if you prefer.

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One area that we are extremely passionate about is tapeless recording of these events for future editing. The backbone of these jobs are our EVS Server systems. Everyone knows EVS as the industry standard for live slow motion replay for sports events, however Videocraft have spent years perfecting a lightning fast workflow for capturing multi camera events and production on to EVS, then pushing the files straight into the editing environment. On larger live events, this means very fast turnaround from the live action to edited packages for replays, play ons and play offs. For a smaller event such as a music concert or conference, this means clients are able to walk away immediately at the end of the event with editable video files on a hard drive, eliminating the need for ingesting off physical media. This presents a massive cost saving in time and media costs. We have recently been working closely with EVS on an extension to their server systems called Directors Cut. This system produces further production efficiencies buy speeding up the process of fixing bad switch points from the vision mixer during the edit. At SMPTE 2013 Videocraft was selected by EVS to turnkey this solution on the show floor for demonstration.

Large Sensor Camera Multicam Outside Broadcast

Another area that Videocraft have been pioneering is multicamera live OB’s using the latest generation of large sensor cameras. For music concerts or drama production, a super 35mm sensor camera brings a truly cinematic feel to the look of the images. Plenty of people have covered these events ‘iso recording’ in multiple cameras. Videocraft have developed systems offering the efficiencies of a multi camera OB with the large sensor look: camera (CCU) control, full lens control, and file based recording to EVS. The tools are now available to take this kind of production beyond HD to 4K resolution, so for an extra special event where supreme quality and future proofing are a high consideration, Videocraft have the gear to make this happen.

Give us a call or drop us an email if you want to know more.