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Free Firmware Update Convergent Design Odyssey7Q+ and Odyssey7Q – Version 2015.11

The Convergent Design engineering team has been hard at work, bringing more powerful features and functionality to the Odyssey family of prefessional monitor/recorders. This free firmware update for Odyssey7Q+, Odyssey7Q and Odyssey7 includes new features, functionality and fixes for all three Odyssey models.

Firmware v2015.11 Highlights:

  • HD Dual-Stream Monitoring (Odyssey7Q+ & Odyssey7Q) View two HD video signals while recording one in Apple ProRes Note that Dual-Stream Recording (view & record two streams simultaneously) will be in the Odyssey RAW Bundle as a future firmware update. The Apollo Option (Quad-Stream Monitoring/Recording/Switching) will be available in December 2015.
  • Apple ProRes 4444 and Apple ProRes 4444(XQ) Recording (Odyssey7Q+ & Odyssey7Q) Record 4:4:4 2K and HD video signals in 12-bit & 10-bit as Apple ProRes 4444 or 4444(XQ) Supports many cameras including Sony F3/F5/F23/F35/F55, Canon C300mkII/C500, Panasonic HPX3100 and more.
  • Spot Meter (All models) New Advanced Monitoring Tool exposure meter
  • FS7/FS700 2K HS RAW->2K Apple ProRes (Odyssey RAW Bundle) Capture up to 240fps in 2K
  • Additional & improved Preset LUTs New and improved LUTs for Canon C-Log, C-Log2 and Panasonic V-Log
  • …and a lot more!

Download Odyssey Firmware 2015.11

Firmware v2015.11 Release Notes


HD Dual-Stream Monitoring

View two HD video signals while recording one in Apple ProRes (HQ/422/LT)
Record in 1080p, 1080i, or 720p up to 50/59.94 up to 1080p50
View two SDI signals or one SDI & one HDMI (SDI A+SDI B or HDMI+SDI B)
Select either input for recording (no switching during record)

Please Note:

Both sources must match resolution, frame rate & cadence (ie, 1080, progressive, 30fps)
Remove 3:2 pulldown is not supported at the this time (recorded as 60i)
HDMI can only be paired with SDI B (overwrites SDI A)
SDI A or HDMI must be present in order to see or record SDI B
Dual-Stream Recording Option will come in a future firmware update

Apple ProRes 4444 / 4444(XQ)

2K 10/12-bit RGB up to 50p/59.94p
1080 10/12-bit RGB up to 50p/59.94p
Currently available for video sources only (SDI Level B)
Supported cameras include Sony F3/F5/F23/F35/F55, Canon C300mkII/C500, plus numerous others

Timecode Window Overlay Option

Available for SDI and HDMI outputs

Expanded Remote Trigger Function

Remote Trigger now enabled in all Record & Playback Modes
Raw & Raw->Apple ProRes
HD/2K/UHD/4K Apple ProRes
HDMI 4K/UHD->2K/HD Apple ProRes

Expanded LTC Function

Linear Timecode now enabled in all Record Modes
Raw & Raw->Apple ProRes
HD/2K/UHD/4K Apple ProRes
HDMI 4K/UHD->2K/HD Apple ProRes

Multi-Stream Monitoring LUTs

LUT function enabled in Dual-Stream & Multi-Stream Monitoring modes

Sync Playback Option for Apple ProRes 50p/60p

Option to skip every-other frame in playback of 50p/60p Apple ProRes files for real-time playback speed with audio sync
Currently available in all 2K & HD Apple ProRes modes


FS700 2K Raw HS -> 2K Apple ProRes

Supports 100, 120, 200, & 240fps in 2K Apple ProRes (HQ/422/LT)

FS7 2K Raw HS -> 2K Apple ProRes

Supports 100, 120, 200, & 240fps in 2K Apple ProRes (HQ/422/LT)


Spot Meter

New Advanced Monitoring Tool for determining precise color and luminance

Additional Test Patterns

EBU 75% and 100% Color Bar Options

Improved Monitoring Tools Overlay Option

Frame Guides now available for video output
Graticule lines & marks included on metering tools video outputs
Available for SDI and HDMI outputs

C300 Mark II CLOG2 Preset LUTs Added


  • BT.709_CanonLog2-to-BT.709_WideDR_33_Ver1.0.cube
  • CanonLog 2/Rec.709 to Wide Dynamic Range Rec.709


  • CinemaGamut_CanonLog2-to-BT.709_WideDR_33_Ver1.0.cube
  • CanonLog 2/CinemaGamut to Wide Dynamic Range Rec.709

Canon C500 CLOG Preset LUTs Updated


  • BT.709_CanonLog-to-BT.709_WideDR_33_Ver1.0.cube
  • CanonLog 1/Rec.709 to Wide Dynamic Range Rec.709


  • CinemaGamut_CanonLog-to-BT.709_WideDR_33_Ver1.0.cube
  • CanonLog 1/CinemaGamut to Wide Dynamic Range Rec.709

Panasonic V-Log Preset LUT Updated

VariCam35/HS series, GH4 & DVX200

FIXED Rare access issue with RAW rental options
FIXED Issue with improperly-marked 2K HS RAW->HD Apple ProRes files
FIXED Rare interference issue with HDMI display
FIXED file name issue with ALEXA SUP 11.01
FIXED Apple ProRes playback skipping and judder
FIXED horizontal lines in Multi-Stream Monitoring mode
FIXED internal/LTC timecode with Indiecam and IO Industries RAW modes
FIXED LUT On/Off clean SDI/HDMI output in FS700 RAW mode
FIXED display image tearing in ARRIRAW 48/50/60p
FIXED timecode in FS700/FS7 2K HS->HD Apple ProRes
FIXED Vectorscope in 4K Apple ProRes and ARRIRAW modes
FIXED analog audio input mixing with playback audio
IMPROVED Touchscreen response
IMPROVED Vectorscope magnification increments
IMPROVED HDMI/SDI Source detection
IMPROVED 1080p24 detection with Canon C100
IMPROVED Reduced power consumption in Apple ProRes recording modes


CD Apple ProRes Transfer Tool v1.10

Support for Apple ProRes 4444(XQ) and 4444
Windows and Mac versions available

FS RAW Post Workflow LUT / Workflow Update

New LUTs for matching FS7/FS700 RAW recording to Apple ProRes recording
New documentation and video tutorials on Convergent Design website

New Canon CLOG and CLOG2 Additional Presets Available for Download


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