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Melbourne Audio Trade Show 24th September 11am-4.30pm



George Lucas is quoted as saying ‘Sound and music are 50 per cent of the entertainment in a movie.’ At Videocraft we agree with this ethos and have the knowledge and experience to make the audio side of your production sound as entertaining as Skywalker slaying a stormtrooper on the planet Hoth. This weekend at the Melbourne Audio Trade Show we will be demonstrating some key professional audio recording and editing workflows to show you how to improve the audio quality on your film or television production. 

In today’s digital world it is becoming more and more accessible to be creative at all levels, but it’s important to have the right tools and setups to ensure that technology doesn’t stop your creative flow of your project. Videocraft will be demonstrating professional audio editing and mixing workflows using AAF and Avid Video Satellite to efficiently edit both vision and sound concurrently.

Videocraft will be demonstrating a single camera setup using an industry standard camera and multichannel sound record setup on the day. For recording multi-channel sound on location, the Zoom F8 recorder is a feature packed digital audio recorder that brings all the functionality of high end mixer/recorders to an indie production budget. Make the most of this great opportunity to test out the Zoom F8 in a real world scenario and throw us any questions that you may have.

Collaborative workflows in Post-Production can be time consuming and stressful, particularly when working between video editors, composers and sound designers. This can be particularly problematic when working on tight timeframes or with freelancers on high hourly rates. Videocraft has the tip and tricks to make sure your workflow design can speed up the transfer between platforms and minimise downtime, making your production more efficient.


Come and visit the Videocraft team at the Melbourne Audio Trade Show this Saturday 24th September, 2016. Show is open from 11am to 4.30pm at the SAE Institute Melbourne, 235 Normanby Road, South Melbourne.

Tickets are available for FREE – click here to register!  Or check out the Facebook Page for more details


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