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#NAB2014 Products To Watch – Accessories

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Check here for all the latest production accessory information from NAB 2014


Sony ENG Build-Up Kit First Look


Here are some detailed shots from the #NAB2014 show floor of the Shoulder Mount Option for Sony PMWF5 and PMWF55, according to James Taylor “If you have a look at where the side controls are, it works pretty much perfectly if you have the 2/3″ lens adapter on the front. I think it would end up as being quite comfortable on the shoulder. You will also note the Anton Bauer Powertap out the back, and mounting point at the front for 15mm rods. It covers off pretty much the whole lot, radio mic slot in, everything. Great idea, and nicely done.”


AJA Launches LUT-box for Precise Color and Look Management

AJA-LutBoxAJA Video Systems today released LUT-box, a new Mini-Converter to allow monitors to display accurate color space and look for any SDI video signal. Easily load 3D LUTs at up to 17X17X17 points using the integrated USB connection and free MiniConfig software on either Mac or Windows. Simultaneous outputs support both HDMI and SDI monitors from a single LUT-box.

“With the growth of high dynamic range capture and post workflows, knowing that your monitor is displaying the right color space is essential,” said Nick Rashby, President, AJA Video Systems. “LUT-box is affordable, small, really simple to use and our early testers tell us it’s a ‘no-brainer’ addition to their kit to ensure that they’re working in the correct color space.”
Features Include:

Ensure proper image monitoring on-set or in the studio
Two 3G-SDI inputs
Simultaneous 3G-SDI and HDMI outputs
3D LUT support up to 17x17x17 point, 10/12-bit
Supports standard .LUT, .TXT, .3DL and .CUBE 3D LUT formats
Configurable on USB via supplied AJA MiniConfig software for Mac and PC
12-bit image processing
16-channel embedded SDI and 8-channel HDMI audio
2-channel RCA analog audio output
5-year Warranty
Pricing and Availability

LUT-box will be available in May through AJA’s worldwide network of resellers at a US MSRP of $695, including a Universal Power Supply and USB cable. For more information about AJA products please visit www.aja.com.



SmallHD have essentially turned their DP7-PRO field monitor into a portable, real-time color grading system that can even send grades downstream and export them as 3D LUTs for post, removing all the clutter and complexity out of on-set color grading. See below for a quick demo from their NAB booth.

SmallHD Reveals Real-Time Color Grading at NAB Show 2014 from SmallHD on Vimeo.




Atomos, has launched the new 4K Apple ProRes and RAW capable 12G-SDI and 4K HDMI Shogun.


“Shogun is the culmination of everything we stand for, amazing edit codec’s from the sensor like 4K ProRes and RAW Cinema DNG. Affordable 4K recording through Raided HDD’s and SSD’s and unbelievable custom panels for monitoring”. said Jeromy Young, CEO and Founder of Atomos. “Super light and slim and at a price point under 2K. We offer a faster more affordable camera to timeline workflow with revolutionary 4K cameras from Sony, Panasonic and Canon”.

The new Atomos Shogun is the world’s first 12G SDI & 4K HDMI I/O monitor recorder and deck and features a stunning 1920×1080 SuperAtom IPS 7″ touchscreen 325 PPI 179-degree viewing. 400nit brightness and multi-frequency (48/50/60Hz) operation, depending on video input, giving super-smooth monitoring and playback.

The Shogun utilises both 4K and HD clean output from HDMI cameras such as the latest Sony A7S, Panasonic GH4, 4K SDI C500, and can record 24, 25 or 30p from the camera and up to 120fps HD if the camera is capable. It also has genlock in for synced playout and features optional Wifi for remote control from iOS or Android devices. Improved audio handling with the included Lemo breakout cable for XLR Audio gives balanced audio, mic and Phantom power.

Shogun allows you to set up the shot with waveform and monitor assist tools, record 422 10-bit images straight from the camera sensor directly, all to inexpensive single SSDs or RAIDed HDDs, captured using 4K/HD ProRes, Uncompressed RAW Cinema DNG or Avid DNxHD codecs.



The Ninja Star is a must have for people who need to “Record Apple ProRes on Board” camera rigs, such as Drones, RC Helicopters, extreme sports and Reality TV.


“Our customers screamed for a tiny flash based ProRes recorder and player for extreme applications, their second location cameras or simply when they already had a monitor.” said Jeromy Young, CEO and Founder of Atomos. “At $295 with low cost Gen 1 CFast, weighing a mere 100gms (3.5oz), it’s price, durability and portability is unmatched – this is one of our best creations yet!”

The Ninja Star is the next break through in external HDMI recorders based on core technologies that have made Atomos the leader in camera mounted solutions. Its small, self contained size and flexible mounting options allow DP’s and cameramen to mount it to just about any POV set-up and offer edit ready format recording with ProRes.

Atomos recognised a common need for a light and portable ProRes recorder which has greater flexibility with mounting options. The dimensions of the Ninja Star are slender at only 3.5″ wide, 2.3″ tall and 0.8″ deep and it weighs a fraction of a normal recorder at just 100grams (3.5 oz). The Ninja Star is perfect for creative or extreme camera work or in situations where a large monitor is prohibitive or stealth is required.

Taking advantage of low-cost, modern technology by utilising HDMI-capable pro-video and consumer camcorders, as well as DSLRs and mirrorless breeds. The Ninja Star can record in both HD and ProRes to capture , 422 10-bit images straight from any camera sensor directly to inexpensive first generation CFast media with up to 3hrs ProRes for $250. It also features Timecode and Start/Stop Trigger along with Audio Line- in.


New SPEEDLEVEL Clamp – The fastest way to level your Sachtler head

NX part: S2044-9001The SPEEDLEVEL Clamp – an innovative new bowl clamp that is the perfect accessory for Sachtler’s range of 100mm heads, making levelling the head faster and more convenient. It is ideal for those broadcast applications where there is a need to frequently level the head when changing location.

“Levelling a head on the move is no longer a time wasting task as the new SPEEDLEVEL Clamp allows operators to get the most out of their fluid heads, and will significantly reduce the set up time. Like all of our products, it is built for fast use to allow camera operators to focus on capturing the moment.There is nothing else like this on the market, it is a completely new design, and we’re anticipating a high demand from all users of Sachtler 100mm heads,” Barbara Jaumann, Product Manager, Sachtler.








Sachtler launches new Ace Accessory range

Sachtler has announced a new range of premium camera support gear – the Ace Accessories – to complement the established Ace product range. Ace Accessories include the Ace Base Plate, Ace Follow Focus and Ace Matte Box, and can be bought individually or as a package.

Sachtler-Ace-Baseplate-side-viewThe height adjustable base plate provides the platform for the other two accessories to be attached to a tripod using industry-standard 15mm rods.

Sachtler-Ace-Follow-FocusThe Ace Follow Focus enables camera operators to manipulate the focus point of photo or cine lenses without having to touch the lens barrel directly. The follow focus operates backlash free, and is characterised by its versatility, making it ideal for professional video applications. Operators can change the direction of the drive gear mechanism, as well as easily set the hard stops – merely by pressing one or two buttons. This makes it user-friendly and particularly useful for on-the-fly shooting environments.

Sachtler-Ace-Matte-BoxThe Ace Matte Box can be used to minimise unwanted lens flare and provides housing for up to two standard-sized filters for the 4×4 and 4×4.56 variants. The matte box has been designed to support a range of DSLR and professional video cameras, such as the Canon 5D. It features an adjustable top and side flags, two filter stages (one rotating), four filter frames, two different sized donuts, one gear wheel and a friction drive wheel, as well as a rear clamping interface.

“The new rig features the same robustness and reliability that customers expect from Sachtler products and has been designed drawing on the experience held within Vitec Videocom. The range specifically addresses the gap that exists in the market for support gear that is both high quality and economical. I am confident in saying it will be the best value for money package in the industry at the moment,” says Tobias Keuthen, global brand manager, Sachtler.

The Ace Accessories are compatible with other brands – including Anton/Bauer batteries that can be mounted in the base plate rods, and Litepanels products, such as the Croma compact LED fixture that can be mounted to the matte box.


Sachtler V-Mount Digital Battery and Fast Charger Series

Sachtler-quad-Vmount-chargerSachtler® introduced its new V-Mount Digital Battery Series and Fast Charger Series at NAB 2014. The high performance V-Mount Digital Battery Series enhances Sachtler’s industry leading roster of products with a battery line optimized specifically to power the digital cameras now being used for broadcast, cinema, and new media production. The Fast Charger Series supports the V-mount battery with a new algorithm that ensures the fastest available charging sequence while delivering superior energy efficiency.

The V-Mount Digital Batteries eliminate the negative effects incurred when running digital technology with traditional battery circuitry. Powered by award-winning Anton/Bauer technology, the batteries contain a proprietary digital filter that increases run-time and lengthens life cycle, all while providing world-class levels of safety, performance and reliability. Delivered with a sleek, ergonomic, modern style, the series will include three battery sizes. The 90 Wh model is the ideal choice when weight is an issue, and it has no travel restrictions. The 150 Wh and 190 Wh versions are perfect for use by professional videographers with power-hungry cameras and a range of auxiliary equipment to support.

Sachtler’s V-Mount Digital Battery Series features an easy to read fuel gauge and utilizes constant calibration to deliver a power status that is truly accurate. When the battery is attached to a load, it conveniently reports the remaining run-time in hours and minutes, allowing the user to track usage effortlessly. When the load varies, the run-time will update accordingly. If the battery is not attached to a load, the gauge reflects the battery charge as a percentage of capacity. The digital batteries also have a convenient D-Tap plug, ideal for powering a range of 14V camera accessories, including monitors, lights, and wireless receivers.

The Fast Charger Series utilizes innovative technology to deliver the fastest possible charging sequence, while exceeding the high-efficiency standards required by today’s rigorous shooting schedules. It features an efficient algorithm for multi-chemistry, simultaneous charging that ensures rapid charging of up to four batteries at a time. Software constantly monitors the charge/discharge process to ensure that each battery is charged to its peak performance. The Fast Charger series is nearly 40% more efficient than traditional chargers, conserving energy, rendering large power supplies virtually obsolete, and reducing cost of ownership.

The chargers are easy to carry and feature a contemporary, mold-breaking design. The Fast Charger series automatically detects which battery has the strongest charge and prioritizes it, ensuring that a fully charged battery is always available in the shortest amount of time possible. The new Sachtler charger series also has an easy to use LCD touch screen to drive activity and monitor status.

“We identified a need in the market for a high-performing V-mount power system,” says Barbara Jaumann, Sachtler product manager. “When assessing our customers’ workflows, we saw that they were running digital cameras with traditional batteries, leading to a significant reduction in performance. We turned to the technology of Anton/Bauer to guarantee a product that could really meet the power use profiles of today’s digital equipment, as well as provide the safest and highest-quality cells available. Our engineers then assessed the standard V-mount design, and made significant improvements. I’m proud to say that Sachtler’s V-Mount Digital Battery Series sets a new standard for our industry.”

Sachtler’s competitively priced V-Mount Digital Battery and Fast Charger systems will be available to the marketplace in the second quarter of 2014.


Teradek Bolt Pro Line Reimagined

Teradek have announced a revamped lineup of the Bolt Pro range, expanding the line-up to three models. All are capable of transmitting and receiving uncompressed 1080P60 4:2:2 video up to 609 metres (2000 feet) over the 5Ghz band. Multicast enabled for up to 4 receivers each is defined as short, mid or long range capable.

The base model will be known as the Bolt Pro 300 and features both HDMI and 3G-SDI inputs on the transmitter. Good for 90 metres (300 ft) the 300 has the same internal antenna of the original Bolt Pro and is a fanless design for quiet operation.

The mid-range Bolt Pro 600 can transmit up to 182 metres (600 ft) line of sight. It features 5 RP-SMA connectors for attaching higher gain antennas to provide a more robust link to the receiver. The transmitter also features both HDMI and 3G-SDI inputs for more versatility.

The Bolt Pro 2000 remains relatively unchanged from the previous version, except for the inclusion of HDMI in addition to the 3G-SDI input.An interesting development is the GRAB Video Engine, which will allow uncompressed 10 bit RGB video capture from the 3G-SDI or USB 3.0 outputs. This could be sent to an NLE or to a live production switcher with no delay or conversion required

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