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Setup live streaming direct to YouTube with the Sony PXW-Z90 Camera

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April 16, 2020 5:24:17 PM PDT April 16, 2020 5:24:17 PM PDTth, April 16, 2020 5:24:17 PM PDT
How to setup live streaming direct to YouTube with the Sony PXW-Z90 Camera. Here is a step by step basic guide on how to setup live streaming using RTMP protocol direct to YouTube there are similar steps for other online apps such as Facebook and Vimeo. Firstly, check the firmware you have installed on your PXW-Z90 camera, to do this you need to follow these menu stepsMENU > OTHERS > VERSION DISPLAY . For RTMP/RTMPS streaming functionality on the PXW-Z90 camera you need to have downloaded the V2.00 Firmware which is available for FREE from the Sony Website - When doing this we found the process to be much more stable on a PC rather than a MAC computer. https://pro.sony/en_AU/product-resources/software-firmware/firmware-pxw-z90-v2-00   Ok now to set up your live streamingYou need to start with setting up YouTube Go to your YouTube Studio account, now if you have never streamed live from your YouTube account before you will not be able to stream for the first 24 hours of requesting to do so - so head into the “Go LIVE” setup the day before you need to stream anything.   CREATE > GO LIVE > NEW STREAMThe only details that are mandatory that you need to enter in here is the title and category of your content and whether the content is made for kids Click CREATE STREAMWhen the Manage Stream screen comes up you need to take note of both STREAM KEY and the STREAM URL as these are details you will need to enter into the camera so it can connect with YouTube. The STREAM KEY is hidden so it’s a good idea to copy this and the URL into Notepad or Word Doc on your computer for easy and quick reference. Now to connect up your PXW-Z90First, you need to connect the camera to a WIFI network - you do this by heading to the NETWORK SET section on the MENU MENU > NETWORK SET > Wi-Fi SET > ACCESS POINT SET               Wifi networks that are discoverable will show in the list, if your network doesn’t show in the list or is not discoverable you will need to select MANUAL SETTING and know whether you are using a WEP or WPA network when entering the name and password for the WiFi network.             Once the camera is connected to a WiFi network a tick is visible on the menu to show which network you are connected to and indicators show the strength of the signal the camera is picking up. So you’re on WiFi - what's next?You need to connect the camera to YouTube via RTMP. You can also connect to Facebook and other streaming software and you can use each of the presets to save different settings for each type of app you would want to connect to. So, go to the NETWORK SET section of the menu to do this MENU > NETWORK SET > RTMP/RTMPSIf this is the first time you have tried RTMP streaming from your PXWZ90 this then you need to put the YouTube settings into one of the Presets - there are three available so you may want to set one up for YouTube at 720p or another at 360p which are the two resolutions you can use to stream on the PXW-Z90 or maybe a different streaming channel like Vimeo or Facebook.So lets setup YouTube at 720p on PRESET 1, to do this simply scroll down to PRESET 1 and select DISPLAY NAME Here you can set a display name for your Preset. You may want to change to YouTube 720p for easy reference at another time. SIZE This gives you the option to select between 720p and 360p streaming resolution . DESTINATION SET This is where we need to enter the information of the STREAM KEY and the STREAM URL that we were given on the YouTube Stream Settings earlier. . So first enter the URL you enter the rtmp:// address, this is quite laborious using the typing function of the Sony camera - but note you can either use the joystick toggle to enter or the touchscreen which you may find easier. Use the bar at the top to select between alpha, numeric and special characters screens for entering the URL address. Once entered click the large OK button in the bottom left. Next, the Stream Name is where you enter the STREAM KEY from YouTube, this displays as an asterisk shortly after you enter a letter, this makes it hard to know where you are up to. Unless you are really speedy at this you can push the DISPLAY button on the side of the camera and it will keep the STREAM KEY viewable whilst you enter it and once you finished and pressed OK it will change back to the asterisk view. Once you enter these details press OK and return to the RTMP/RTMPS menu, scroll up to PRESET SELECT and choose PRESET 1 where you have just configured the previous steps. If this is all done correctly you are pretty close to streaming now, but before we get to that if you find that your EXECUTE menu selection is greyed out or faded and unselectable and nothing is happen - you will need to change the REC SET in your MENU. Make sure that your FILE FORMAT is HD or lower to be able to EXECUTE the RTMP streaming function of the PXW-Z90.   Changing your FILE FORMAT for Streaming on the PXWZ90To change your FILE FORMAT to a format that will allow you to stream follow these steps in the MENUMENU > REC/OUT SET > REC SETGo to FILE FORMAT and select either XAVC HD or AVCHD in the menu options.This will update the REC FORMAT and when you return to the RTMP/RTMPS streaming menu EXECUTE will now be highlighted white ready to go ahead for streaming.   So you have the camera, connected to the WiFi network, you have entered the YouTube details into the Destination set - you are ready to EXECUTE!Starting the Stream to YouTubeOnce you have pressed EXECUTE it will ask you which network you are streaming from, in this setup we have followed you would select Wi-FiYou then are ready to connect your camera stream to your YouTube preview screen. To stop and start the connection between the camera and YouTube you simply press the THUMBNAIL button on the camera.You should now see a preview of your camera in your Stream Management of YouTube.To start streaming your content hit the GO LIVE button at the top right corner of the screen!And you are now live streaming to YouTube with the Sony PXWZ90 Camera!   Other tips and tricksFor Ethernet connection or Wired LAN you will require separate accessories from Sony (VMC-UAM2, CBK-NA1) to connect the USB port from the camera to an ethernet cable. RTMP/RTMPS providers: Both YouTube and Facebook have checkboxes for reusing the "Stream Name". Unless you really enjoy entering the "Stream Name" every time you want to stream, you will want these to be checked.Note that using this method you can only go to one site at a time. If you want to be tricky, you can create an RTMP stream to go to apps such as restream.io, and then you can go to multiple apps at once!