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Sony’s Community Blog hinting new capabilities and limitless potential for F-series

If you are considering  what’s “new” for Sony to be released at NAB this year then this will interest you…

In the weeks leading up to NAB2014 Sony are hinting at changes for the F-series cameras.  They are saying that they can’t give it all away, but they are certain that everyone who currently owns or is waiting to purchase a Sony F series camera will be delighted.  You can expect a series of weekly posts in the Sony community forum on what to expect at NAB 14.  Be sure to check there often, or track the hashtag #NewFTransformed on social media for Sony updates.

Here is the first posting http://community.sony.com/t5/F5-F55/F55-and-F5-Year-One-Looking-back-and-looking-forward/m-p/285735#U285735


And then there was more this week at http://community.sony.com/t5/F5-F55/New-capabilities-Limitless-potential/m-p/290039 Below is the post….any guesses on what you think Sony will be launching at NAB? and how it will impact the F-series cameras?




It’s the power to change, and the freedom to choose; to always push for more. It’s about the same cameras you know so well – the F5 and F55 – with more options, new capabilities and limitless potential.We are transforming these cameras without compromising performance. This is about more than just metal rods, plates and pads, it is about the best options for today……and tomorrow.

We have heard your feedback, and we will deliver.

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