Recommended Kits for Podcasting

The recording system for your podcasting kit may be made as easy or as advanced as you like. You can record straight into your computer or through a mixer. 

Rode Rodecaster Pro II Integrated Audio Production Studio Podcasting Kit

Combining innovative features with superior sound quality, limitless customizability and unmatched ease of use, the RØDECaster Pro II is everything you need to capture stunning audio for your podcast. Featuring four balanced analog inputs with high-quality combo jacks for connecting mics, instruments and line-level gear, the RØDECaster Pro II goes from recording one mic to complete multi-channel recording for live streams and podcasts. It is extremely easy to use with its large high-definition touchscreen and programmable buttons, giving you hands-on control over every aspect of your sound.

The PSA1+ is an expert studio arm for mounting microphones to a table, offering complete 360 diploma rotation and unrestricted mic placement. 

The Rode PodMic Microphone is optimised for first-rate overall performance in podcasting and vocal applications. Offering a rich, complete-bodied sound, with an inner pop filter, minimising plosives, inner shockmount for decreasing vibrations, and a swing mount for clean positioning.  

From whether you are doing a 1-person podcast to a 4-person show, there are RØDECaster Pro II kits for you.

On a Budget? Here's Another Podcasting Kit Option

Rode NT-USB Mini Compact USB Microphone

The Rode NT-USB Mini is a versatile microphone that can be used for a variety of applications including conference calls, music recording, podcasts, live streaming and more. Designed to deliver crystal-clear, professional-quality audio directly to your computer or tablet. It can be easily set up connected to the computer through USB-C and controlled by the Rode Connect podcasting and streaming software.

Rode Colors Color-Coded Caps & Cable Clips

Rode COLORS are designed to match the colors of the channels in your Rode Connect software. Rode Colors is a set of color-coded caps and cable clips for up to 4 Rode NT-USB mini microphones that make it easy to keep track of who is speaking in panel podcasts, multi-person interviews and live streams.

The Rode NT-USB is the better podcasting option for you if you need one or two microphones. You will be limited by how many USB-C inputs you have on your computer or laptop. If you want a simpler system and don’t need as much flexibility this is the better option for you.