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Returns & Exchanges

Videocraft Returns FAQs


All products sold by Videocraft Australia Pty Ltd and Videocraft Equipment P/L are covered by the manufacturers’ warranty.  It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the product purchased is compatible and suitable for their particular purpose. 

My order from Videocraft has arrived, what’s next?

Please check your order: On receipt of your order, please ensure the order is complete and all items are as ordered and undamaged.  Any claims for shortages, errors or damages must be advised to Videocraft within 48 hours of receipt.

My parcel has arrived and the packaging is damaged, what should I do?                

If the outer parcel package is damaged on arrival, please contact the carrier directly so they can inspect the package and determine a course of action. Videocraft is not responsible for damage to the goods incurred through delivery services. 

I ordered the wrong item, it’s my fault what can I do?

Choose Carefully: Please select your purchases carefully as Videocraft does not accept return goods because they are incompatible, change of mind, incorrectly ordered or unsuitable for your purpose.  We recommend sending a product enquiry or initiate a live chat to Videocraft prior to purchasing a product to confirm suitability if you are unsure. Goods may be accepted at Videocraft’s discretion if they are unopened, undamaged and in original packaging including the external shrinkwrap, sleeves or boxes. 

I already opened the packaging and the product doesn’t do what I want, can I return it?

Videocraft does not accept returns or exchanges for goods with opened packaging unless the goods are faulty or DOA where it can be returned to the supplier for repair or replacement.

What is a restocking fee and when does it apply?

Once you have contacted Videocraft about returning goods, if it is agreed to take a new and unopened item as a return, a restocking fee of up to 25% will be incurred by the customer. You will be notified of the restocking fee and this fee will be deducted from your refund amount. Refunds will only be processed when goods have been received and checked by Videocraft.

Why can’t I return my headset or headphones?
Due to health and safety regulations, we do not accept returns of items such as headsets, earpieces and headphones which have been opened and used, unless it is faulty and under warranty and they will be returned to the manufacturer or supplier.

My product is faulty or DOA, what should I do?

Videocraft must be notified within 7 days of the invoice date by phone (03) 9723-7500 or by email websales@videocraft.com.au.  Goods may not be returned to Videocraft without prior authorization. 

Once you have received confirmation from Videocraft that you can return the product you need to ensure the following:

  • Goods must be complete with all accessories, manuals and packaging. This is the responsibility of the customer;

  • Goods must be adequately packed by the customer and Videocraft takes no responsibility for poorly packaged goods damaged in transit during return;

  • Goods which have been damaged, tampered with or modified in any way cannot be returned under any circumstances;

  • Videocraft takes no responsibility for returned goods until received in our store; All responsibility for the return of goods is with the customer including shipping costs

  • Keep your invoice in a safe place as it is required in the case of a claim during the warranty period.


On receipt of goods, we will confirm the fault and repair or replace your goods based on the terms and conditions of the manufacturer’s warranty conditions.  Videocraft will endeavour to make this turnaround time as short as possible.  The customer will bear the cost of reshipping return goods after repair or replacement.  If goods are returned as faulty, and no fault is found, a 25% re-stocking fee may apply.

The software I purchased is faulty, how do I return it?

Software returns will not be accepted unless it is a warranty claim.  Once assessed that the software is faulty or defective, please follow the same instructions as above for faulty good returns. The software must be returned in its original packaging and carton.  Due to manufacturers’ guidelines, Videocraft will not accept the return of software if found to be neither faulty nor defective and the plastic seal has been broken. We recommend customers refer to manufacturer's website for minimum system requirements before purchasing software. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to ensure that their hardware is compatible with software purchased from Videocraft.

What products does Videocraft not accept returns on?
Videocraft does not accept non-faulty returns on any product purchased where the packaging has been opened this includes but is not limited to, products considered special order items where an order has been placed on your behalf with a manufacturer for a not normally stocked or speciality application, software, computer hardware, headphones, headset and earpieces.

Who is responsible for the cost of me having to return a faulty item?

Videocraft will not be responsible for any direct or consequential losses you incur as a result of using the product purchased.  Our responsibility is limited to the value of the item purchased.

What if I have placed an order and paid a deposit but I have changed my mind and need to cancel my order?

If your order has not been completed with a tax invoice, order cancellations are accepted for items that are normally stocked by Videocraft. For Special Order items Videocraft does not accept order cancellations. 

Videocraft Returns and Cancellation Policy 

  1. A product purchased can be returned if the product is unopened and the packaging is completely intact within 30 days of purchase unless the product is a special order item.

  2. A product purchased that has been opened and the packaging is no longer intact, any return will be subject to our discretion and restocking fee applied if we agree to accept the return.

  3. A product purchase that has been ordered specifically “Special Order Item” for the customer and not normally stocked by Videocraft, no return will be available with the only exception being if we are able to negotiate a return with the supplier, in which case we can accept the unopened return or order cancellation. Return expenses will be covered by purchaser.

  4. No Breach of Consumer Guarantee: Under the Australian Consumer Law, the customer is not entitled to return a product if there is no breach of a consumer guarantee – for example, if you:

    1. Changed your mind

    2. Ordered the wrong product

    3. Found the product cheaper elsewhere

    4. The customer was aware of the stock availability before and after buying the product, which is stated on the website and also advised at time of order confirmation

    5. Requested a refund for the purchase at a later date to facilitate cash flow management

    6. The customer was aware of the relevant fault before buying the product – such as if the fault was written on the tag, or indicated in the photos or item description online

    7. Damaged the product by misusing it – for example, you dropped your Item.

    8. Used the product for a very long time and the problem is as a result of usual wear and tear

  1. Returns at the discretion of Videocraft: In some of these situations, we reserve the discretion to provide a remedy. Right of refusal for the return, cancellation or exchange of products is at the discretion of Videocraft Australia Pty Ltd and Videocraft Equipment Pty Ltd, except where the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 of Australia makes allowance. A restocking fee of up to 25% may apply to returned goods if they are returned in a resellable condition and only after inspection by Videocraft Australia. Where a manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee, this will normally involve you sending the product back directly to the manufacturer, who will process the refund themselves.

  2. All products sold by Videocraft Australia Pty Ltd and Videocraft Equipment P/L are covered by the manufacturers’ warranty.  It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the product purchased is compatible and suitable for their particular purpose. 

  1. Change of Mind instances: Many businesses & Customers confuse change-of-mind refunds and refunds required by law. A change-of-mind refund covers those situations where customers return goods because they do not fit the application or purpose, they have had a change of heart, or want to exchange a present they've received. Note that there is NO implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose on any item sold by Videocraft Australia Pty Ltd or Videocraft Equipment Pty Ltd.

  1. Order Cancellations: Order cancellations will be accepted by Videocraft Australia Pty Ltd and Videocraft Equipment Pty Ltd during the order processing time before a transaction has been completed with a tax invoice any deposits paid to confirm the order will be refunded in full. The exception to this cancellation policy is for items marked in the product catalogue as “Special Order In” items where Videocraft does not stock this item regularly, customers will be made aware of this condition during the order process and if cancellation is required the deposit taken to confirm the order will be non-refundable. 

  1. Refund Policy: The law does not require a business to provide a refund in these circumstances referred to in the above policy. Since change-of-mind refunds are voluntary, Videocraft Australia will not refund any monies on sales, laybys, or deposits on Reserved or Pre-Ordered Stock after 30 days.