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Atomos launches new Shinobi SDI is a 5" Monitor supporting both HDMI and SDI inputs

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March 29, 2019 8:16:01 PM PDT March 29, 2019 8:16:01 PM PDTth, March 29, 2019 8:16:01 PM PDT
Atomos Shinobi SDI is a lightweight HDR field monitor for the video professional who needs the flexibility of both HDMI and SDI camera connectivity. Connect 4K HDMI for HDR viewing or SDI for HD-SDI loop out. Run cables between Shinobi SDIs up to 100m without degradation of image allowing directors, crew and clients to see what the camera operator is seeing in stunning detail. Shinobi SDI's high brightness 1000nit 5-inch monitor lets crew members preview and see images exactly as intended in any lighting condition, in SDR or HDR. Shinobi SDI is the ultimate monitoring tool in your video production arsenal that won’t break the bank. Product Features of the Atomos Shinobi 5” SuperAtom IPS LCD • Stunning 1000nit calibrated anti-reflection, anti-fingerprint AtomHDR screen for clear daylight viewing with 10+ stops dynamic range • Punch in zoom with 4:1, 2:1 & 1:1 • 1000Nits / cdm2 HDR / Daylight viewable • 427 PPI - even higher than Apple's Retina Display • Calibrated out of the box with support with Xrite Calibration • 10bit Inputs and Image processing • 100% of Rec709 calibratable display Inputs • 1.4b HDMI input • 1 x HD-SDI 1 3G/1.5G • Loop multiple Shinobi SDIs from HD SDI out to SDI devices like camcorders, switches and control rooms. On camera monitor for Photo and Video • Run for 5 hrs on a 5700mAh battery • AtomOS 10 – intuitive controls system • AtomHDR for log to HDR processing • 3D LUTs for customer creative LOOKs Download Full Spec Sheet HereAtomos-ShinobiSDI_Infosheet-March2019 To view pricing information or to put in your pre-order for this product click here to see the Atomos Shinobi in our online store