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NAB Show 2016 - Day 2 Highlights

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April 20, 2016 5:58:02 PM PDT April 20, 2016 5:58:02 PM PDTth, April 20, 2016 5:58:02 PM PDT
With a bit more time to check out New Gear on the show floor, the team have been posting images most of the morning, if you haven’t seen them check our Facebook or Twitter to catch the Ikegami 8K Camera or Red Rock Micro Atlas zoom and focus kit. At IBC last year we saw Teradek launch the Colr, here at NAB we now see 3 models in the Colr range – the LITE, the DUO and the PRO, so depending on your camera or budget Teradek Colr has a smart way of applying real time LUTs to your images. .
  SmallHD has been a popular choice for small camera mounted monitors with our customers since they launched the brand, and now with HDR such a massive part of this year’s NAB Show we were pleased to see them come out with three models of larger HDR monitor solutions for onset solutions. Here is their overview video presented by the guys behind the products. .
The Panasonic Camera range seems to be completely 4K, with their announcements this week. For the studio they have announced a new model in the Studio Systems end with the AK-UC3000 4K camera system, the Varicam LT which we all got to see recently in Australia at the Panasonic events is now shipping worldwide. For handheld options and to compliment the already available 4K DVX200 we now have two smaller handheld options from Panasonic which will be available later this year. The UX Premium Model AG-UX180, with a 1-inch (effective size) MOS sensor, optical 20x zoom and UHD 60p recording capability. The UX Standard Model AG-UX90, with the same sensor as its big brother – this model has an optical 15x zoom and UHD 30p recording. The UX series will support recording up to 4K (4096x2160, 24p only) and UHD (3840x2160). UX camcorders will use the SD Memory Card1 as recording media. The UX Premium Model AG-UX180 supports, in addition to 4K and UHD, dual codec recording (UHD2/FHD), IR recording in low light, and 3G SDI/HDMI2.0 output.

  The backbone of our live production solutions here at Videocraft come from EVS Broadcast Equipment, they have announced an extension of their ChannelMax mode already working on their XT3 Server - 6RU model to now also include the 4RU offering, enabling customers to double the channel density of their live production server to 8 or 12 channels respectively. The brand new XS3 media production server expands from two to 12 channels as required. With the widest native codec and format support available for HD and UHD operations and key & fill functions, it’s fast, powerful and flexible with trademark EVS reliability. EVS also has a new Xeebra multi-camera review system, which is fast, flexible and easy to use by officials and operators. An intuitive touchscreen enables multiple screen views of continually synchronised content from up to 16 HD cameras for instant action recalls. Users can narrow views from all 16 to four, two or full-screen views through simple touches to make immediate decisions. A dedicated controller provides extended operations for direct access to actions, tactile jog dial, and the ability to manage marked reviews at any time. Check out the online video demo below for more information. .
  Zacuto did tell us about the Gratical Eye already, the SDI electronic viewfinder is the smallest and lightest Micro-OLED EVF. It fits in the palm of your hand and weighs only 14oz. The Gratical Eye has a 2 pin Lemo power jack and a single SDI input. Sleek and small, this EVF will fit in even the smallest of camera bags! So we are talking about here because it is ready to go it has some better features you should know about – all the updates are in this video so watch it for more info. .
  Sachtler are also talking better counterbalance offerings with their new version of the well loved Video 18 fluid head and tripod here in Australia. The “S2” or series 2 now be able to balance 2-20kg, so more options on what you will be able to use on top of the camera from small rigs to larger ones but still with all the great features we know. There seem to be a lot of firmware updates and new codec updates on lots of the pieces of hardware that we already have in our kits so we will attempt to short form all of this information into a separate blog based on that as the show wraps up.