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Product Review: RODE Wireless Go

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October 2, 2019 12:34:49 PM PDT October 2, 2019 12:34:49 PM PDTnd, October 2, 2019 12:34:49 PM PDT
[penci_blockquote style="style-1" align="none" author="" font_weight="200" uppercase="false"]Incredibly compact and light for good quality audio that works out the box and is simple to use.[/penci_blockquote]
What does the product do and what it's intended use?The Rode Wireless Go is a simplified and compact digital wireless microphone system that delivers good quality audio for creating videos such as interviews and presenting to camera. How does the RODE Wireless Go rate for my application?

News & Documentary

Yes, this will work.

Digital CinemaYes, but expect challenges.
Commercials & MarketingYes, but with mixed results.
Corporate & EducationYes, this will work.
Live Events & Outside Broadcast Not suited at all.

Online Video

Perfect for this!

What we love about RODE Wireless GoEasy to use and quick setupBuilt-in microphone128-bit encryption to avoid cross-talk in dense environments like conferences 7-hour battery life Low budget entry-level price point
What's not so hot about RODE Wireless GoThe plastic build, it's light but is it durable?Line of sight required for optimal use Would be nice if the external mic connection locked in as they can easily come out
What application is the RODE Wireless GO most suitable for?For simple interview setups where you want to achieve a wireless audio setup or you really want a small transmitter to hide - the Rode Wireless Go is a really simple to set up so you can capture good professional wireless sound into your video shoot. Why should you consider RODE Wireless Go for your kit?Great for travelling or really quick setups for interviews or for vloggers the Wireless Go is a really fast and simple setup for this situation. Also if you are working in a crowded place such as a conference or event where they’re maybe other signals; the 128-bit encryption of the connection will reduce potential crosstalk from other signals. What is included with the RODE Wireless Go?1 X Rode Wireless GO Transmitter 1 X Rode Wireless GO Receiver 2 x fur windshield 1 x pouch 1 x USB-A to USB-C cable 1 x SC2 cable (connect to a smartphone)
What results should you expect from the RODE Wireless Go?Quality audio that works out the box and is simple to use, that is optimised for short-range in dense environments - so for interviews at events, this compact and simple audio wireless solution is going to make life easier for quick setups on both the camera and the talent. But if your sending your talent up the top of a mountain or to another room then don’t expect this to perform miracles - you definitely need to keep the transmitter and receiver close to each other. You can get a distance of 70 metres between the transmitter and receiver but for clear audio, it has to be in the line of sight, so things like car doors or walls and fences can cause disruption to your signal. The key element is the built-in mic in the transmitter sounds great and so small that you can just clip it on and start recording. You can also accessorise with an external Lavalier Go mic its just a standard 3.5mm connector and doesn’t have the locking mechanism you get on pro audio gear so you need to mindful that it could be easily disconnected.Features of the RODE Wireless Go that we love.Ease of use: The ability to set this up with a simple push-button pairing after you have taken them out of the box - you can’t argue that this product is incredibly easy to use. There are just three options on the Receiver for Gain adjustment for controlling your audio recording levels and the LCD display gives you the basic battery life for both the Receiver and transmitter as well as very basic levels and pairing information. Compact Size: The transmitter and the receiver are so small and both weight about 31grams. So easily hidden on the talent and not too bulky if you are using a DSLR for your shoot. 128-bit encryption: Working in dense environments such as events and conference where you may be sharing the environment with others transmitting or receiving signals the 128bit encryption on the Rode Wireless Go help you to achieve this without interference such as cross-talk.
What's the Alternative?Sennheiser XSW-D Wireless Portable interview kits, these are larger in physical size and cost a little more than the Rode Wireless Go - but they do include a professional lapel mic with the kit and professional locking attachments for the input mics.   This product has been reviewed by Shane Lyons - Videocraft Web Sales Specialist.