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Elevate your Video Web Meetings - produce remote workspace online content like a Pro!

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October 14, 2020 6:14:56 PM PDT October 14, 2020 6:14:56 PM PDTth, October 14, 2020 6:14:56 PM PDT
Here is Videocraft’s take on how to elevate your video web meetings, when working remotely whether you are using Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams or Adobe Connect, read through the ways you can elevate your online presentations and meetings.First, let’s tackle the visuals.For most people who now find themselves having to communicate with their colleagues remotely, they rely on the built-in webcam on their device (if it has one). However, depending on the device, the angle you can be left with can often end up being the most unflattering perspective possible.Perhaps the simplest way to avoid visuals of extra chins and nostril shots is to get an external webcam that you can position independently of the screen you might be using. A suggested solution would be coupling a webcam like theLogitech Brio webcam or using a DSLR style of camera with a HDMI output like the Sony ZV1 and pair it up with an adjustable desk stand like theJoby Telepod.Moving to a more traditional camera or camcorder can certainly elevate the visuals further and well, webcams can only get you so far. They generally have tiny sensors which certainly limit how pretty an image they can produce. For an idea about what we would recommend for a complete next step up, see here:Home Streaming Budget Kit which includes the Sony ZV1 to give you really great quality online visuals.               How about lighting?Depending on your workspace, some additional lighting equipment may get you further than a camera upgrade. If your workspace isn’t blessed with consistent, pleasant or generally flattering lighting, try adding something like theNanlite Pavotube 6C; It’s got an in-built battery and can be USB powered, so you’ve got a heap of flexibility with where you can place it. Add aJoby Telepod to mount it on your desk and you’ll go a long way to being able to light yourself in a way that will make you look better than the rest of your ‘whatever lights the room has’ colleagues. As a cool bonus, it’s a full RGBWW light which is perfect for a splash of colour or some creative mood lighting for your home/workspace when it’s not on duty to light a face.Now, what about audio?Sound is usually more important than the pictures, so it’s definitely worth putting some extra effort into showing some love to your audience’s ears. With the explosion of audio content like Podcasts, there is now a heap of great and affordable audio gear that would really elevate the work-from-home experience.Built-in webcams tend to have built-in microphones that perform okay when you are in the sweet spot for where they pick up audio. However, with an external USB microphone like theRode NT-USB Mini, to use on your desktop, it's worth considering a Rode PSA1 boom arm for when you're at your desk and want full control over your microphone placement. 'Treat audio the way a radio station would, and your audience will thank you for it.' Maybe a more mobile option is more suitable, we would suggest you try the Rode WIGO Wireless Mic which you can plug into your camera or camcorder for real high-quality audio capture. This way you can move it to suit you the mic to suit your preferred position, rather than the other way around. Keep the mic close to your mouth, and your voice will always be heard. Once you divorce your microphone from your camera, you grant yourself a heap more creative freedom to be able to frame your visuals how you wish, without compromising on how you sound. Give it a try! Check out this short video tip on how this style of setup works.